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Recommendations eco-inhibitors For 2023 About 50 Easy and Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

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Learn how to crochet a baby blanket? With winters around the corner, it is time to enter the cozy realm of trendy and warm crochet baby blankets! We have rounded up these super quick and easy 50 FREE crochet baby blanket patterns. If you love adding meaningful, cozy, warm, and at the same time, trendy stuff to your home, crocheting these darling baby blanket patterns is going to be a delight for you, undoubtedly. We have added these pretty crochet baby blankets for you to cherish and make for yourself, your little ones, or your beloved pets!

With our free crochet baby blanket patterns, you can also add some super trendy crochet blanket sweater for your wardrobe! You would love our block colors crochet blankets! We have also added some super cutest and soft baby blanket patterns for your little ones. The yarns used or recommended to use are darn soft and cuddly.

Don’t forget to explore our polka dot puffy baby blanket. From modern heirloom blankets to pinwheel crochet baby blanket patterns or hexagon patterns, get your hands on these trendiest collections for your home! So, gather around your favorite colors of yarns and get to some fun crocheting.

1. Crochet a Winter Tempest Blanket

Winters is all about cozy and comfortable night in the blanket, these crochet baby blanket patterns are best to be used while sipping hot coffee against a fireplace. This crochet blanket is the tempest winter blanket you could find for yourself to snuggle into. hopefulhoney

2. Crochet Heart Baby Blanket Pattern

There is no better gift than a handmade crochet blanket to expecting parents. You make sure that the blanket is soft and cuddly. Add a touch of love in it with some mini heart shape patterns to send some love and warmth. crochetbit

3. Crochet Heirloom Baby Blanket Pattern

Getting cozy and cuddly in winters is what everyone loves, babies, on the other hand, require special treatment. With this Heirloom baby blanket Tutorial and video link, you can get your littles ones a nice stitched soft blanket. leeleeknits

4. Crochet Baby Bean Baby Blanket – Free Pattern

Crochet baby blanket patterns are those craft pieces that are such soft and are perfect for baby-like skin. And even more squishy if it’s handmade in bean patterns. This soft bean stitched patterns, when combined together, forms a perfect baby blanket. leftinknots

5. Bright Colors Baby Blanket Pattern

Add somewhat colorful vibes to your baby’s closet with this colorful patterned baby blanket. This crochet afghan blanket is for those mommies who love to play with colors. It’s a simple sewing technique and takes little of your time. daisycottagedesigns

6. Chevron Blanket with Crochet Pattern

Learning to master chevron inspired crochet stitch was never easy, until now. With this easy Crochet pattern on chevron blankets, you can always work on some new designs and even gift to someone on their upcoming baby shower. rescuedpawdesigns

7. Color Block Baby Blanket Pattern

If you are looking for some inspiration to design crochet baby blankets, then this tutorial is for you. Based on color block design, this blanket will surely add some warmth to your craft. Even it can be a beautiful gift for a baby shower. daisycottagedesigns

8. The Loft Pom Baby Blanket Pattern

Crochet work is something that takes some diligence and some skills to create the perfect craft. Especially if you are going to gift it to a newborn. Add some touch of creativity with the Lom Pom baby blanket and spread love. mamainastitch

9. Polka Dot Puff Baby Blanket

A little touch of pattern craft harms no one. Polka dots crafts have been part of our wardrobe for quite a while. Why not create one for your baby too, like a crochet blanket with Polka dots on it. daisycottagedesigns

10. How to Crochet Mod Heirloom Blanket

For old grandparents, it is all about extra love for their grandkids. From making small cute sweaters to small crochet blanket patterns. With this easy tutorial now, you can also make a crochet Blanket on Mod Heirloom for your grandbaby in just some simple steps. mamainastitch

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11. Happy Hexagons Afghan – Free Pattern

How about adding some geometrically shaped delights to your winter decor. Make and Do Crew has got this perfect Happy hexagon Afghans pattern for you to try! This hexagon pattern afghan is all you need to brighten up your winter essentials. makeanddocrew

12. Chevron Baby Blanket Pattern

If you are short of time, or also low on budget. This crochet design on the baby blanket is for you. All you would be needing is 26 Inches X 39.5 Inches total sized blanket and few Supplies readily available in your home. leeleeknits

13. Modern Crochet Camp Blanket

Winters are about some quality time with family by the fire or some time camping up the hill in the mountains. Create something with a similar feel for your kids with this Camp inspired crochet design blanket. mamainastitch

14. Puppy Love Heart Baby Blanket

Check out this amazing crochet Heart-shaped pattern blanket! You can get some help from the tutorial here. This design will be sure of a source of warmth and comfort this winter season. whistleandivy

15. Free Crochet Pinwheel Blanket Pattern

Pinwheel toy is that one toy with which every kid can relate too. Instead of it just being a toy, why not make a blanket out of this toy design? This crochet blanket can be used by kids of any age, add more color yarn to give it vibrant appeal. yarntwist

16. Granny Square Contrast Blanket

Crochet Blanket and sweaters are always associated with Grandparents. They put their retirement days to spend some quality time with family and kids. So does this granny-style square-shaped blanket comes into life! Get yours from here. youshouldcraft

17. Cozy Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

Baby clothes are supposed to keep the little angles warm, cuddly, and comfortable. So is the case with their crochet baby blanket patterns. Get a cozy blanket for your loved one’s newborn this winter season. A perfect gift to show your love and warmth! leeleeknits

18. Sea Glass Afghan Pattern

Sea glass is something that is very rare to find. Get yourself this sea glass inspired by crochet afghan patterns. The blanket goes well with the winter feel, and also you can add a little color contrast in the fabric like done here. petalstopicots

19. Feather and Fan Baby Blanket

Free crochet baby blanket patterns are always lovable. All the happy vibes and none sad. This crochet baby blanket pattern with feather and fan yarn style is something you can style up your game with this winter season. persialou

20. How to Crochet Granny Ripple Blanket

If you are a beginner with Crochet, then this tutorial here is for you. This granny ripple blanket inspired design consists of easy stitches. With some easy crochet techniques and basic knowledge, you can get this blanket in less than a few minutes. rescuedpawdesigns

21. Colorful Granny Square Blanket

Winters are approaching, and who doesn’t love to warm themselves with some nice warm clothes and sweaters. Colorful square-shaped crochet baby blankets serve right for this purpose with proper sewing supplies. pinchmebeautiful

22. Free Crochet Wavy Blanket Pattern

Free crochet baby blanket patterns are somewhat very much used in winters, used by kids of every age. Like this wavy inspired crochet yarn blanket pattern, it is easy to work on and requires very little of your valuable time. Gift it to someone you love this winter and spread the warmth. rescuedpawdesigns

23. Crochet Chevron Blanket – Free Pattern

When you are a pro at crocheting! You look for a variety of styles to go for, for your loved ones. Sometimes geometric shapes, sometimes some animation. This V-shaped Crochet chevron blanker is one of these crafts you need to master for yourself. eliseenghstudios

24. Extra Large Chunky Blanket

Who doesn’t love a little family sleepover? We, as kids, loved it. So if you are that parent who wants to let the kids have quality time this winter, then go crochet this amazing large chunky blanket in just some easy and simple steps. thesweetersideo

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25. Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern for Beginners

If you are someone who is just new at crocheting, you don’t need to fear or hesitate to try some experiments. Follow this amazing crochet baby blanket pattern with beginner tips and tricks for the crochet large blanket patterns and create one of your own by using some supplies. shirleyandeadie

26. Granny Hexagon Afghan

Elevate your crochet game with this granny hexagon-shaped afghan blanket tutorial. This tutorial features added rules and tricks as to how you can master the technique of crochet in just simple steps and add a customized touch to your décor. petalstopicots

27. Heart Graphgan Baby Blanket

Crochet yarn is a sensitive piece of fabric. It requires constant diligence to achieve the right craft. Especially if it’s being made for your loved ones. Add an element of love and all good things with the heart shaped graph an on this baby blanket. dabblesandbabbles

28. Sunburst Granny Square Blanket

A sunburst crochet granny blanket is something that looks difficult to achieve, but it’s not the case here. With this easy steps tutorial now, you can learn the art of crochet in sunburst inspired yarn stitching. craftpassion

29. Crochet Granny Square Baby Blanket

Granny square baby blankets are an old school yarn stitching technique that every one of us knows about. The technique is not so as difficult as it seems, it just needs some proper attention to detail, and you get yourself a square pattern baby blanket. allaboutami

30. Love Bear Rainbow Baby Blanket

With this rainbow above a shower of heart, the bear-shaped baby blanket tutorial is a perfect gift on baby showers. The bear depicts all the love and happiness you are carrying while the little one is about to be welcomed, and you want to share that happiness with everyone. nanascraftyhome

31. Hand Crochet a Big Yarn Baby Blanket

A little creativity harms no one, especially when you like to experiment with things on a daily basis. Like if you come across some big Yooge yarn, then this handmade big yarn blanket is something you can work on, to begin with. mamainastitch

32. Crochet Wrap Me In Sunshine Blanket

Simple crochet blanket designs are somewhat easily accessible, while customized crochet baby blanket patterns aren’t. In order to get yourself a crochet blanket that you can’t resist to wrap around you, that is beautiful as well, follow these simple steps. nanascraftyhome

33. Winter Chunky Ribbed Afghan Pattern

What’s a better way to spend cold winter nights wrapped up in blankets, sipping coffee, or cuddled up? This amazing chunky ribbed crochet afghan blanket is all you need to make the best of your family time by the fire place. mamainastitch

34. Crochet a Winter Flower Blanket

For centuries yarn stitching or they say crochets are in trend, this never fades out. Particularly in winters, with it added yarn fabric styles, textures, and patterns. Get yours on a similar flower pattern this winter here. simplycollectible

35. Merry Go Round Blanket – Free Pattern

A handmade craft is something that is always loved and admired. With this free merry go round crochet blanket design, you can create your own blanket in some easy steps. All you got to do is have few supplies, and you are good to go. sweetsofties

36. How to Crochet Ombre Blanket

Add a little element of color to your crochets with this baby blanket. The blanket is made on the lines of ombre color, with a mix of different colors. Use a little blend of same colors on different Pantone, and you can get yourself an ombre inspired crochet blanket. vickibrowndesigns

37. Beginner Fall Throw Blanket

It’s a daunting task for a beginner to crochet. You can always start with a simple crochet blanket design as done here, and spend some cozy time wrapped up inside on a sofa against a fire place. mamainastitch

38. Granny Square Picnic Blanket

Everyone loves to spend some #metime on a hill station, on a beach, or any fancy location with family. Why not gift someone from your family a beautiful crochet blanket so they can have some quality time on their picnic. dabblesandbabbles

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39. Crochet Bunny Baby Blanket Pattern

Do you love Pets? Want to crochet baby blanket patterns like bunny? With this simple bunny blanket crochet pattern, you can always make sure your baby feels confort all the time. Get yours by following some easy steps here. midwesternmoms

40. Crochet C2C Blanket – Free Pattern

Why just follow a simple crochet design when you can always work on Corner to corner crochet baby blanket patterns. The throw on these starts on one end and start increasing and decreasing till the other end as you change the color of yarn, as done here. createwithmom

41. How to Crochet Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are something that can be used as a part of décor to your room settings, this is placed on top of a club chair or side of your bed. Follow these steps to get your very own crochet throw piece. rescuedpawdesigns

42. Crochet White Blanket Pattern

White is the only color that compliments all décor settings. Crochet patters on white yarn have the same case in this scenario. Get one for your bedroom as per the size of your liking by using some basic supplies. kirstenholloway

43. Waterfall Baby Blanket

Free crochet baby blanket patterns are pieces of craft that are always treasured. Since the fabric used in them is soft and has a nice feel to it, they are easy for the baby to cuddle into as well. Get yourself one with water pattern on it as done here. leeleeknits

44. Dreamy Waves Baby Blanket

Babies love to sleep all the time, why not make their sleep more comfortable so they can dream in comfort too. With this Wavy patterned baby crochet blanket, you can always make sure of that. leftinknots

45. Velvet Blanket Pattern

Velvet fabric is something that always enhances one’s approach to fashion in winters. With this velvety afghan, one can surely enjoy the feel of winters as you get comfortable in your living room, all cuddled up. mamainastitch

46. Crochet Cloud Nine Blanket

Get yourself a super comfy, soft, plush crochet pattern blanket that makes you feel at home. Not only you can cuddle in this soft, plush afghan but also can feel them as soft as clouds. So when you snuggle in them, you feel as almost as at cloud 9. leftinknots

47. HDC and V Stitch Crochet Blanket

Crocheting a blanket is surely one hell of a task, it requires lots of perseverance and endurance. In order to make sure that you get the right crochet blanket in some easy steps, follow this instruction to get yours. stitching together

48. Crochet a Primrose Baby Blanket Pattern

Do you know someone who’s expecting a baby any sooner? If yes, so what’s a better gift than something that is all handmade. With this easy crochet baby blanket pattern, you can always create one of your own by using a pretty crochet primrose stitch. dabblesandbabbles

50. Free Crochet Aubergine Afghan Pattern

Aubergine Afghan Pattern is something that looks difficult only, but it’s very easy to work on. All it takes is some easy stitches to create the right design that is perfect for those winter nights when you want to spend some quality time with friends and family. acrocheted

Looking for free Crochet Patterns? Its Overflowing has everything you need for a great crochet project.


With these 50 free crochet baby blanket patterns, you can enjoy crocheting to a whole new level! Especially if you know someone who is expecting or even if you are expecting yourself! You would love keeping the little fellows all wrapped up in love and beautiful crochet baby blankets! Plus, same goes for the grown-up, make style statements in your home when you can do that all by yourself, and spend way too less than you would have to if go some crochet baby blanket shopping!

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