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Recommendations eco-inhibitors For 2023 About 50 Cute and Cool DIY School Supplies for Back To School

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The best thing about the school can be your own customized and coolest DIY school supplies, ever! If your kids are not so happy about going back to school, you can make these 50 cute and cool DIY school supplies for them and cheer them already! Plus, the same goes for you. So, for anyone who is not too excited about going back to school with all the homework, assignments, and everything else! But, who wouldn’t be excited to flaunt their unique, cool, and different school supplies. You can literally make most of these in just a few minutes!

From exciting marbled pens to customized and funky notebook covers, there are just so many super creative craft ideas in our collection that you can make in only a few minutes! There are also some cool pencil toppers, confetti pencils, colorful and dreamy backpacks to make school even more fun.

Plus, all the more reasons to encourage the love for reading in kids with eye-catchy and attractive pom poms and felt bookmarks! All these DIY school supplies are perfect for teens and kids to make, none of these are too complex to make, but in fact, they are also insanely cheap! So, are you all set to DIY your way into some crazy and fun awesomeness?

1. DIY USA Star Pencil Topper

Summer holidays just started and you want to help your little one with a project on some basic DIY school supplies, why not start with making him some USA Flag inspired Pencil Topper. That way, it can be added on in his stationary case as well. easypeasyandfun

2. Personalized Back to School Notebooks

If you are that mommy who loves to help her kids with their back to school backpack essentials and some basic school supplies, then we have found some fantastic ways to enhance your DIY School Supplies back to school creativity. designimprovised

3. Pretty DIY Drawstring Bag

Backpacks have been part of us throughout of childhood, they were loved back then and nowadays too, but recently, a new trend has emerged with the drawstring backpack. These backpacks are rich in colors and textured like here. polkadotchair

4. DIY Marbled Pens

Want your kids to make some impression once they return back to school after the summer holidays? Do so by these amazing clay pens. These pens can be made by a handful of these DIY School supplies readily available in your home. lifestyleforreall

5. Make Washi Tape Binder Covers

Kids going back to school, and they have some new notebooks to be wrapped up in lovely covers and name tags to be put on? Use some colored washi tape to give the notebook a nice and creative touch that is easy to do and fun as well. iheartnaptime

6. Pencil Pouch with a Bow – Sew Pattern:

School is going to start in few days, and you want to make sure that your little one has his school supplies in line and complete, then follow these simple steps on DIY School Supplies, which will take you less than 5 minutes. seekatesew

7. DIY Pen Holder Notebook in 5 Minutes

Afraid of losing your pens all the time and you want to find a way to hold them together in one place? Then all you have to do is follow these simple steps we have for you to make yourself a DIY Pen holder notebook, you can create one for your little one for his school supplies. pressprintparty

8. How to Make a Silhouette Clipboard

Have a few of left wallpapers lying useless in your house. Get them used to by making some cool clipboards for your kid’s school supplies by these easy DIY Silhouette clipboard design tutorials. thegraphicsfairy

9. DIY Color Block Gratitude Journals

Small diaries or journals come handy when you can’t afford to carry those backpacks or those saddle bags, create yourself some motivational quotes inspired journals, and share them with friends too. consumercrafts

10. Back to School Decoupage Ruler

Wrapping up Supplies for your little one’s school bag, one makes sure to wrap those notebooks in a neat manner, stationery box all equipped with basic essentials, but it’s incomplete without one decoupage ruler, get yours from here. artscrackers

11. Mini Backpack Gift Pattern

Are you looking for some nice backpack options for your little one but can’t seem to find one cute yet handy bag for him, then follow these simple steps as shared here to get one yourself with amazing DIY Mini Backpack tutorials. mesewcrazy

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12. DIY Glitter-Fied Notebooks

Enhance your little daughter’s notebook with these glittery/ shimmery ideas for her back to school supplies. These steps are easy to use and don’t even require too much effort for you to work on. rosyscription

13. How to Make Fabric Covered Book

Do you want to help your little one feel special when they get back to school after summer holidays, well you can do so by helping them wrap their notebooks with some unused fabric from your last stitched cloth? caughtonawhim

14. No-Sew Zipper Cases from Old Soda

Gone are those days when you had to go all the way to book shop to purchase a geometry box. With this current time of DIY Tips and tricks, and this ultimate list of back to school crafts , you can always make your own geometry box with the same basic home supplies in a few minutes. makeit loveit

15. Easy to Make Washi Tape Pencils

School is about to start, and your little one is all curious to get his School supplies updated, and so are you, use some washi tapes to get his pencils a little makeover as shared in this tutorial where you can use minimal supplies and get the desired product. sewwoodsy

16. How to Sew a Chair Bag

It’s always a nice feeling to create something yourself, and what nice it would be if that something is a book holding bag. This bag will be much of a help for the little fellow to sort his books into once he gets back to school after the summer holidays. thecraftymum

17. Canvas Lunch Bag for Back to School

Kid’s always come up with some nice excuse to get their things done, regardless it’s demanding something for their art class or nice shoes or even a new lunch box. Get them some nice canvas made lunch box, as shown here in simple steps. papernstitch

18. Make Your Own Polka Dot Backpack

It’s always a nice idea to create something from your own hand, this helps you to prepare things in less time and more effective cost for you. With these back to school crafts by Armelle_Blog, you can get yourself a lovely polka dots backpack for your little one. armelleblog

19. DIY No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll-up

You always love to help your kids pack their school bags in their summer holidays when the back to school time is near, try this different technique this time, and get them one spot all solution to store stationery supplies in one place as done here. makeit loveit

20. Portable DIY Art Supplies Case

Do you have some old thrifted book lying in your house but it is in good shape, you can always make some DIY School supplies out of it for your little boy by adding compartments for his color pencils, crayons or even add a notebook and turn that book into a carry bag. consumercrafts

21. DIY Reusable Snack Bags

Who doesn’t love some snacks? Snacks are part of your daily routine, whether you are in your office working or are on the go to some meeting having snacks with you on your way costs no harm, get yourself these easy DIY Reusable snack bag for your snacks, and you are ready to go. closetcasepatterns

22. Amazing Pencil Spiral Erasers

One makes mistakes in life, and sometimes you can’t get rid of them, but you can in school when you have got yourself your own Spiral eraser by following these DIY School supplies tips and tricks. squirrellyminds

23. DIY Back to School Backpack Tag

Kids love to draft things and also love to put name tags to things that belong to them, these summer vacations teach them how they can put a name tag on their backpack in a unique and creative way In these simple steps mentioned here. kidsactivities

24. Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases

You may also like these crafts for kids, as kids love some sparkly things to be part of their school supply, be it their school bag, geometry box, or even their notebooks. Get your little ones some cool DIY Glittery pencil cases this summer holidays so they can rock it once they are back to school. studiodiy

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25. Yarn Pom Pom Braided Bookmarks

If you can get these cute yarn pom pom braided bookmarks, who wouldn’t love reading? Right. Encourage and introduce the love for books in your kids by making these funky yarn pom poms and felt hearts at the other end. 5minutesformom

26. How to Make Emoji Magnets

Make these cute emoji magnets using round and flat rocks, round magnets, yellow acrylic paint, permanent markers, glue gun, and a paint brush! Put on the smiley faces and then glue the magnets behind the emojis! blitsy

27. DIY Covering Textbooks

Now, this is a great idea, and we are totally loving how functional it is to work around! If your kids are not grown up enough to cover their notebooks themselves, you can assist them in making it with this thorough step by step guide in the tutorial. marthastewart

28. Make Felt Cutout Pencil Pouch

Check out this felt cutout pencil pouch, it is a great and inspirational DIY school supplies idea, and you can even make these as giveaways to your friends too! All you need is a rectangular felt cutout, scissor, scale, pencils, and a ribbon or lace to tie it. theindianspot

29. Homemade Stamped Pencils

These homemade stamped pencils can be some cute gestures to give to your friends back at school! OR you can also add these as little reminders of positivity for your kids! You are just going to need a metal stamp set and a few more supplies. teachmama

30. Make Pom Pom Paper Clips

We are sure you must have seen many exciting bookmark ideas by now, but we doubt any of those can beat these super simple pom pom paper clips bookmarks! Just get ready for some yarn balling game. It could be a fun craft time with your little ones. raisinguprubies

31. Pipe Cleaner Notebook

Give a boring and dull notebook such an exciting and lively appeal! You can make this using chenille sticks or pipe cleaners, glue, notebooks, and wire cutters or scissors. Just lay out the sticks on the notebook first to make the pattern. myveryeducat

32. On the Go Organizer Notebook Cover

Check out this fun DIY sewing project! How about an on the go organizer. It has a lot of pockets and space for holding almost anything or everything. From your notebooks, cards, pens, phone, or any other things. crazylittleprojects

33. Modern DIY Apple Pencil Holder

Make this minimalistic and modern DIY apple pencil holder using a clear acrylic pencil holder, black vinyl, two ¼” strips of red vinyl, white or cream vinyl cut, scissors, and small heart punch. Doesn’t it look absolutely beautiful? damasklove

34. DIY Pencil-Shaped Pencil Case

Golden were the days when we used to especially look for these pencil-shaped pouches? You will need some small amount of fabric in different colors, a small amount of lining fabric, 16 cm zipper, pins, regular zig-zag, thread, and pencil case pattern. cucicucicoo

35. Beautiful DIY Unicorn Notebooks

Unicorns are the magical and happy creatures that can brighten up anyone’s day in no time! So why not add this magical unicorn notebook cover to your kid’s school supplies? Get the free Unicorn downloadable pattern from the tutorial and the list of supplies. cutefetti

36. Easy to Make Graphic Binder

Get your hands on a craft paper binder, 1 sheet of dark fabric transfer paper, scissors, pencil, iron, and ruler. You can draw your design or pattern on the back of the transfer paper, cut it, and then get going further. nufunactivities

37. DIY Mermaid Journal

Mermaid alert! Another magical one from our lovely DIY school supplies collection! If your kids have this desire to bring the most unique and fun school supplies, they will love this mermaid notebook. Make it using acrylic paint, washi tape, and shimmery or glittery finish paints. madincrafts

38. Clear Vinyl Zippered Pouch

Not the fancy kind? Don’t you worry? Check out this simple and gorgeous clear vinyl zip pouch. This design is incredibly simple, and you can make it in just 3 simple sewing lines. For zipper and the lining around. sewdiy

39. Easy Handmade Bookmarks

These handmade bookmarks are pretty simple and fun to make. You can start by hunting around your favorite and colorful paper design together and create your own style statement. Gather some stickers, glitter, and a few more craft notions. tatertotsandjello

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40. Simple DIY Confetti Pencils

These simple DIY confetti pencils look absolutely pretty and vibrant! All you need is some pencils, white spray paint, painter’s tape, hole reinforcement labels, colored acrylic paint, and paintbrushes. makeandtell

41. How to Make Galaxy Backpack

How about taking an awesome back to school galaxy backpack? Get your hands on a black canvas backpack. Blankets or pillows, Apple Barrel acrylic paint in white, fuchsia, purple iris, Bimini blue, silver, paper plates, makeup sponges, napkins, plastic drinking straw, and a few more supplies. life of a razorback

42. Personalized Pen with Astrobrights Paper

Personalize your pens using these Astrobrights paper! By using neon gel pens or regular pens, you can make these, but just make sure you use the kind of pen or plastic that can be easily disassembled and assembled back. rosyscription

43. How to Make Rattan Pencil Case

Make this beautiful DIY Rattan pencil case for your kids and make their back to school time even more exciting! You can make this easily using Rattan case, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and painter’s tape. Hit the tutorial for details. delineateyourd

44. DIY Robot Zipper Mouth Pencil Case

Make this colorful DIY Robot shaped zipper pencil case for your little boy as he prepares to go back to school. Help him learn some DIY basics to make his own pencil by just using some supplies at home. makeit loveit

45. Chalkboard Notebooks for Back to School

You forget things on a daily basis because of workload, and so do kids since they have lots on their back already, so get your little one some nice DIY Chalkboard back to school notebooks so they can keep check of all the important stuff. thecraftingchicks

46. Leather and Wood Covered Notebooks

Wood is something wherever used; it gives a close to nature feel, and when paired with leather, it provides a more urban yet exotic feeler, so get your kids some nice DIY Leather and wood covered notebooks as they get ready to prepare their backpacks. papernstitch

47. Inexpensive DIY Stamped Pencil Pouches

Geometry box is one important essential supply in every school bag for a kid, they want to make sure it can store maximum pencils or related stationery in them, so get them these amazing DIY Stamped Pencil pouches. almostmakespe

48. Duck Tape Notecard Holder

Kids love to sort things on small notebooks, sticky notes, or even note cards if your little one likes to use them, you can help him with a small DIY Duct tape Notecard holder. By using it, he can store discrete information in one place too. cuteasafox

49. Earphone Holder from a Mint Container

Afraid of losing your precious headphones all the time? Fear no more, with these easy DIY earphone holders hanged from your last used mint container now you won’t be needing to worry anymore. makeit loveit

50. Make Your Own Apple Pencil Toppers

School is about to start for your little ones, and do you want to help them out with some basic school supplies? Then follow these simple steps to get them their own DIY Apple faced pencil toppers as done here. madetobeamo

With these exciting DIY school supplies list in your hands, you can surely make school so much more fun than it could be otherwise. Kids love to flaunt their unique and different things always! And we all know that school is always the place where you see a new notebook, a fun pen or an oh so lovely pencil pouch and the next day you want it for yourself! So, why not make that fun and perfect for your kids with these inexpensive and easy to make craft ideas. All the while, making school more happier!

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