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Recommendations eco-inhibitors For 2023 About 30 Free DIY Weighted Blanket Tutorials

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Treat your insomnia, and restless leg syndrome with these DIY Weighted Blanket tutorials will put a weight on the body of the user to bring coziness and comfort. These DIY weighted blankets work on a deep pressure therapy and can be made in any size from toddler to adult. These ideas will involve all sorts of fabrics like cotton, fleece, and even the scrap fabrics to sew these weighted blankets. Along with getting full step-by-step sewing tutorials and instructions, you will get cutting lists too. Moreover, you will get lots of no-sew patterns too if you browse this collection of 30 DIY Weighted Blankets that are super gift-worthy and praise-worthy. Improve your sleep with these blankets, and they will also help to easily solve your sensory issues. They are an ideal anxiety solution and can be made cheaply at home using these ideas.

The list is sharing all the cool methods to make a DIY weighted blanket. You can even use the duct tape to make a super cost-efficient homemade weighted blanket. First, you can decide the fabric, then size, and finally, the weight of your blanket and next can start getting your materials.

There are lots of sewing and no-sewing options to add the pockets in the blanket fabric. Next, opt for the beads, poly pellets, and glass pellets to stuff in the pockets for the added weight of the blanket. Need an instant stress cure? Then simply start making these weighted blankets will make a smart handmade gift too.

1. DIY Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

Learn how to make a weighted blanket for adults at home! Do you strive to gain a good zzzz while saying bye to your depression at the same time? The simple make this DIY weighted blanket, a wholly comfy treatment for anxiety! Sew the 1 1/2 yard of flannel in solid color and a 1 1/5 yard of flannel in a complementary color to sew it! Next, you need quilt batting, glass pellets, and poly pellets to complete it! shrimpsaladc

2. Homemade Weighted Blanket

The finished size of this homemade weighted blanket is 15″ x 15″ and it has a weight 6lb. And it will cost you less than $15. Make this DIY weighted blanket by putting the rice bags on a table surface should be equally space making a square or rectangle. Next, combine them with the duct tape until you cover them wholly to gain this weighted blanket DIY. jesttupositive

3. How to Make a Weighted Blanket

Let your kids be stress by sleeping under this DIY weighted blanket. It will nicely be around the body along with putting some weight, will instantly make you come out of depression. Grab the 5 yards of fabric to sew this blanket and use the plastic pellets for the weighted filling of it. diynetwork

4. DIY Weighted Blanket Tutorial

Treat your restless leg syndrome, also using this DIY weighted blanket tutorial that will be a smart insomnia treatment. Fill the 54 ziplock baggies of size 6×9 and then put them flat on the floor. Combine through straight across length of duct tape and keep on adding the tape strips until you get this weighted blanket fully covered. imgur

5. DIY Weighted Blanket for Kids

Solve your anxiety issues using this weighted blanket that will give a deep pressure therapy to make you all well. Grab your favorite fabric for the front and back parts, and then sew this blanket. Stuff it up with batting of choice, and for weights, choose the aquarium stones, beads or grains. Details here legit

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6. How to Sew a Weighted Blanket

Get here easy instructions about how to sew a weighted blanket like a pro. Sew this weighted blanket with the muslin fabric and use a different outer fabric too. Stuff this blanket with the poly-stuffing and also with the poly-fill pellets. Give this weighted blanket also as a cute handmade gift. Details here bhg

7. Sew a Blanket Filled With Weighted Pellets

Solve your sensory and anxiety issues using this weighted blanket that will impress everyone with its checkered look. Get the durable fabrics for the front and back of the blanket. The beads will rock here to add as the stuffed weights in this blanket. Self-Made deep pressure therapy for insomnia. thesprucecrafts

8. Weighted Blanket Rag Quilt

Be around your sewing machine and sew a better treatment for depression and insomnia. Yes, we are talking about this weighted blanket rag quilt that comes with 6-10lb weigh to poly pellet stuffing. Sew this blanket using the fat quarters in gray, pink, black, and white colors. Details here consumercrafts

9. Weighted Blanket Pattern for Anxiety

Sew this homemade weighted blanket with any of your favorite fabric, and it will bring a dreamy sleep. Stuff this best treatment for insomnia, the weighted blanket with the poly-pellets, and you need almost 20lb for this project. Also, get your restless legs to treat with this weighted blanket. Details here theanonymou

10. No Sew Weighted Blanket

Even if you are not an avid sewist, you can still make some gorgeous weighted blankets like a pro. Get here free instructions for a no-sew weighted blanket. Grab the pure white cotton, glass beads, and a no-sew cover that you can put together with the fabric using E6000 Fabric-Fuse, to make this weighted blanket. Details here markmontano

11. Harry Potter Themed Weighted Blanket

All kids are a big fan of Harry Potter, so it will be better to design a weighted blanket for them on a Harry Potter theme. So, clone this calming cute for your kids, inspired by Ginny Weasley’s blanket. This blanket is cool enough to give as a heart-winning gift to a Harry Potter fan. Details here piecesbypolly

12. Inexpensive DIY Weighted Blanket

Do you know how to make a weighted blanket? The DIY weighted blankets are a perfect cure for insomnia, but they are expensive to buy too. So, get here the hack to make an expensive-looking weighted blanket inexpensively. Grab the fabric sheets and sew them together. Next, sew channels in them and get a grid-like design. Next, start your stuffing your filling in the modules. Details here craftingagre

13. Easy No-sew Weighted Blanket for Sleep

Maybe you are going through a big sleep disorder. If yes, then just treat it now using this weighted blanket. It is a no-sew project, and hence everyone can make it for the family. Make it using an inner of comfort or duvet, having pre-sewed grid lines. Next, calculate the weight you require. Fill the rice then in Ziploc baggies to make weights farahzsaleem

14. Comfortable Weighted Blanket

How to make an anti anxiety blanket? Improve your sleep by making this comfortable weighted blanket. Use cotton for one side of the blanket and flannel for another. Stuff this blanket with the plastic pellets so it will gain weight to give the deep pressure therapy. One of the most comfortable types of the blanket to make at home. instructables

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15. Weighted Blanket Sewing Pattern

How to make a weighted blanket with removable weights? To make this weighted blanket, you can use any fabric, and if you want to save a lot of sewing time, then head over to duvet covers. They very required stuffing this for this weighted blanket would be the poly pellets. Stuff it nicely in such a way that it should have the 15% bodyweight of the user. Details here mamasmiles

16. Best Weighted Blanket

Get the free instructions here to sew the best weight blanket ever. The finished size of this blanket is 38″ x 40″ and it will make a great gift for the people suffering from insomnia. Sew it using 1 queen size 5 yard sheet of fabric having 45″ width. Next, use the 3 yards of the duvet cover and grosgrain ribbon to complete this blanket. Use poly pellets for making weights, simply add them in the Ziploc bags. confessionsofaf

17. Sew a Weighted Blanket

You will be guided here through each step about how to sew a weighted blanket like a pro. The completed size of this blanket is 34″ x 42″ and it has a 6 pouch weight. Choose the poly pellets for adding weight in the blankets, can simply be put in the ziplock bags to make weights. Details here dandelionma

18. Sew a Weighted Blanket for Children

Help solve the sensory issues of your kids by sewing this a weighted blanket. Give it as a gift to kids too, having problems sleeping like a newly diapered baby. First, just cut the fabric panels and sew the sections together. Create channels and then start stuffing the blanket. Details here nancyzieman

19. Mini Weighted Blanket

This super cute blanket design will just rock for the kids and will complete in no time. Just make the fleece fabric squares that can come with the cut fringes insides. Stuff them up with the stones and tie the fringes together, making a new weight and hence a whole lovely weighted blanket. Details here thegfcflady

20. Adjustable and Washable Weighted Blankets

Get here the free guides about how to sew an adjustable and washable weight blanket. The blanket comes with attached weighted pockets, and you can simply remove the weights from pockets at any time to start washing this blanket. A lovely handmade cute for the insomnia patients. autismunder

21. DIY Weighted Blanket and Save $100

The weight blankets are a great depression and anxiety cute, and they just cost you an arm and a leg while buying from the market. So, consider making this weighted blanket that will have you save $100 dollars. Grab 3 yards of 60″ wide fabric, 1.5 yarn for each side of the blanket. And you need 5-10lb weighted beads to make this blanket. coolmompicks

22. Weighted Blanket for Sensory Seeker

Kids will just love to snuggle into this weighted blanket as it is cozy and will help gain the quality sleep. Gab 3/4 quarter comforter and 3kg plastic pellets to make this weighted blanket. One of the easiest blanket sewing projects. Do get this blanket to improve your sensory skills. teach me mom

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23. Make a Tie Weighted Blanket from Fleece

To sew this weighted blanket, you need 1.5yard of wide cotton fabric, a 49″ x 67″ rectangle will be enough for this project. Next, you need 2 yards of fleece, poly pellets, and a disappearing pen to complete this weighted tie blanket. Details here cutesycrafts

24. Cozy and Relaxing Weighted Blanket

Get relaxed with the coziness of this weighted blanket, which will help treat your insomnia and restless legs syndrome too by giving a deep pressure therapy. You need two 49″ x 49″ piece of fleece to sew this weighted blanket. Use rice for adding extra weight. The idea is to sew channels in this weighted blanket first. thesorrygirls

25. Soft Weighted Blanket

Get coziness in a soft way using this weighted blanket, will bring a quality sleep to you. Sew this blanket using 5 yards of cotton fabric and use the rice for adding weight. Sew channels and pockets in the blanket to fill with rice. Poly pellets and glass pellets will also rock as weights for this blanket. marthastewart

26. Weighted Tie Blanket – Machine Washable

Get here free plans and instructions to sew a washable weighted blanket quickly. Grab the 2-4 yards of fleece fabric to sew this weighted tie blanket, Stuff this blanket with the poly-fil beads and it will make an amazing deep pressure therapy for the people suffering from insomnia. parentingch

27. Make Your Own Weighted Blankets

The finished size of this blanket is 35″ x 42″. Sew the channels and then squares and then stuff those squares with beads to make this weighted blanket. It will be a cozy treatment for all suffering from anxiety and depression. The best deep pressure therapy to sew at home.

28. Sensory Weighted Blanket

Check out here another more appropriate and gorgeous version of a weighted sensory blanket, will make a sweet handmade cure for a depressed person. Grab the flannel fabric, weighted plastic pellets, pillow stuffing, and strips of ribbon to make this weighted sensory blanket. Details here lipstickandsa

29. Easy DIY Weighted Blanket

The finished of this weight blanket quilt is 63″ x 90″ and you can put together the fabric strips to make squares, and then square blocks can come together to make this weighted blanket. For weights, opt for the animal bean bags or make them at home using beans and Ziploc baggies. Details here inthedesertq

30. Weighted Blanket On a Budget

First, decide your fabric and plan out the size of your weight blanket. At the same time, also calculate the weight for your weighted blanket, and if you can’t do all these, head over to this tutorial to make this weighted blanket. First, sew columns in your fabric and then squares and fill them up with pellets. Details here workingmom


These free tutorials can help you to learn how to make a weighted blanket! The weighted blanket is recommended by the physicians, and they are quite expensive to buy at the same time. So, consider making your own lovely DIY weighted blanket at home with these free DIY weighted blanket Projects that are budget-friendly and will complete super quickly. These weighted blanket tutorials will a smart cure for stress and depression. Bypass the luxury, the weighted blankets, with our free weighted blanket pattern list.

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