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The skirts mean the lightweight and airy fashion that is often a hot summer day trend. Skirts are equally popular in every age group and now you can crochet them with yarn too. Go with these 25 Free crochet skirt patterns that involve stitching the skirt of every size. From a doll size skirt to a 2-5 year little girl skirt to a 15-year-old girl skirt, you will find free patterns here for all. There is a lot of free crochet skirt pattern, diagrams, tutorials, and step-by-step instructions guiding you through each step to crochet every design of a skirt like an expert.

If willing to choose a from a collection of Free Crochet Patterns then explore these 25 simple crochet skirt patterns that are all unique and have been crocheted using different crochet techniques and stitches. From easy to intermediate to advanced, there are patterns for every skill level. The ruffled skirts with 1, 2, or more tiers of ruffles, are super cute and are included in this list of crochet patterns.

Do update your summer fashion wardrobe with free crochet skirt patterns that you can embellish and personalize in lots of different ways. Crochet skirts in any length and with your own choice of fittings. Feature so many different motifs for a personal touch and do add them up with a waistband or tie-belt for tight fittings around the waist. Enjoy the poolside parties, the beaches, and every causal day in a style using these Adorable Crochet Skirts, the new yarn inspirations for fashion lovers. Take a short rout of the entire crochet skirt pattern collection will leave you amazed and stunned.

1. Crochet Skirt Pattern

Willing to crochet the skirts for your fashion wardrobe? Then do whip up this skirt, based on a granny square motif. Crochet this motif using E-4 hook while using cotton yarn. The finished size of the skirt is 16.5” x 21” and consider giving it as a sweet gift too. It comes with a waistband, and the basic motif is to crochet with the special bobble stitch. undergroundc

2. How to Crochet Denim Skirt

Please toddlers in the home with this denim crochet skirt and vest set, a best to crochet with the Lily Sugar N Cream. Opt for this crochet dress set if you need to gain an authentic country-style look. This pattern demands an easy skill level and will just work up super quickly. Details here yarnspirations

3. Crochet a Skirt for a 12 Inch Fashion Doll

It is amazing to crochet the kids, and it is just super fun to crochet for the dolls of your little girls. Dress the little girl’s doll super cool with this yarn skirt, easy crochet pattern. It will fit best to a 12” fashion doll. sweetbeecro

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4. Crochet Lacy Long Skirt Pattern

Are you a big fan of the long lacy skirts? Then download here the free PDF pattern to crochet a long lacey yarn skirt, will make an impressive handmade gift for a style lover in your friend’s circle. Skirts are a hot fashion and are equally popular in every age group. So, do crochet this skirt. Details here gosyo

5. Red Heart Striped Mini Skirt

maze the audience around with your own crocheted fashion. use 2cm elastic for the waistband.You need to have an intermediate skill level to crochet this red heart striped mini skirt. Show off with your tall boots that you can wear with this skirt for a cool fashion statement. Time to a yarnspirations

6. Sandi Zigzag Skirt Crochet Pattern

Get the PDF instructions here to crochet this very special sandi zigzag skirt, will adorn the little girls more. You need an intermediate skill level again to crochet this fantastic skirt, will make a sweet handmade gift too. Crochet Paint Box DK weight yarn with a 4mm hook to stitch this skirt. lovecrafts

7. Crochet Gelato Skirt

Crochet Aran worsted weight yarn with a 4mm hook to stitch this gelato skirt, washable and comfortable. The design featuring the wavy edging will rock for the 2-5 year kids. Don’t forget to add a waist ribbon or tie-belt, which will help tighten it to the desired extent. Details here ravelry

8. Free Crochet The Kenzie Skirt Pattern

A perfect crochet Lion Brand Mandala yarn project, the Kenzie skirt, will make an adorable fashion gift to a style loving teen and also to a little girl at home. Crochet 500-590 yds of this yarn to stitch this skirt. Here you need two hooks like 4mm and 4.5mm to stitch this pattern. Details here ravelry

9. Crochet Queensland Skirt Pattern

A big thanks to Drops Safran yarn for this super comfy and cool fashion skirt, the Queensland skirt, super gift-worthy. This pattern will rock for the beginners and intermediate crocheters. Do upgrade your summer fashion wardrobes with this fantastic yarn skirt. You need a 3.5mm hook to crochet it. Details here garnstudio

10. How to Crochet Vintage Skirt

Transform your little girl into a cute princess by whipping up this vintage crochet skirt. It will rock with a matching hat too. Crochet worsted weight cotton yarn with a 5.5mm crochet hook to stitch this vintage skirt. Finish it up with a ribbon and a tie belt so it will fit right. Details here thelavenderchair

11. Herringbone Baby Skirt Crochet Pattern

Please a mama to be with this baby skirt gift, will provide cuteness in style. The size is just perfect for a 3-month baby. Crochet 142 yds of Redheart Baby Hugs yarn with a 5.5mm hook to stitch this baby skirt crochet pattern. It features a herringbone design texture and two yellow accent buttons. windingroadcr

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12. Scallop Skirt Pattern for Little Baby

Crochet Bernat Premium with a 4mm hook to hook up this scalloped skirt, a cute fashion outfit for a baby. The design will rock for a 6-month baby to a 5 years old little girl. Make with 1 or 2 tier ruffle for added cuteness, and don’t forget to finish this skirt with a drawstring or elastic waist. Details here ravelry

13. Barbie Slip on Dress with Puffy Skirt

One will surely fall for this super cute skirt that is to crochet for your little girl’s doll. It comes with multi-tier ruffles and looks double cute and sweet on the orange yarn appeal. Crochet any worsted weight yarn with an I-hook to make this barbie slip-on dress with a puffy skirt. Details here danimoms corner

14. Morgan Skirt Crochet Pattern

Another great skirt pattern is waiting for you here, the Morgan skirt, another great wardrobe must-have to crochet in no time. Crochet worsted weight 4 yarn in any two colors to whip up this morgan skirt, will be loved dearly by all. Work with a 6.5mm crochet hook to stitch this adorable yarn skirt. Details here ashleyleitherd

15. Brick By Brick Skirt Crochet Pattern

Try out this crochet skirt pattern with endless different yarn color combinations. This pattern will rock for a newborn to a 2-year baby, and it involves simple crochet stitches only. Grab medium weight 4 Vanna’s choice yarn in any 4 colors to whip up this brick by brick skirt. You need a 6mm hook to crochet it. ashleyleitherd

16. Free Crochet Firecracker Flapper Skirt Pattern

Grab the worsted weight 4 yarn in any 3 colors and stitch this firecracker flapper skirt pattern with them. Crochet 150 yds of each color to whip up this skirt, will surely impress at a very first look. Work with 6.5mm and 8mm hooks to stitch this flapper skirt, will make a sweet handmade gift. A beginner crochet pattern. cre8tioncrochet

17. Shell Stitch Skirt Crochet Pattern

Stitch the soft worsted weight yarn of choice in any 4 colors to stitch this shell stitch skirt, will make a cute handmade gift. Work with 4.5mm and 5mm hooks to stitch this shell stitch skirt. The design comes with a graceful waistband and will surely make a cool handmade gift. Details here sinanaymadel

18. How to Crochet Ruffled Skirt

You need to have an intermediate skill level to whip up this ruffled skirt, will be a graceful addition to your little girls’ wardrobe. You need an intermediate skill level to whip up this ruffled skirt. Grab 360yds of Lily Sugar N Cream in yellow to whip up this ruffled skirt. Work with 5mm hook to hook up this skirt. hookedonhome

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19. Crochet Boho Flouncy Skirt Pattern

Do stitch this Debbie Bliss Ecobaby sport weight yarn in two colors to make this Boho flouncy skirt pattern, will surely impress. Next, you need a 4mm hook to hook up this skirt pattern, will rock for a little girl. Finish your skirt with a drawstring closure and that’s it. Details here pattern paradise

20. Crochet Funky Skirt Pattern

To crochet this funky skirt, you need to work in the back post and front post treble stitch to whip up this funky skirt will make a sweet handmade gift. The skirt comes with two pockets in the front that are quite easy to make using 2 granny squares. Use 200g of DK weight yarn with a 4mm hook to stitch the size of this skirt for a 10-year-old child. re madebysam

21. Reversible Crochet Skirt Pattern

This skirt for the style loving teens and fits tight around your hips and waist. Crochet the Katia Cotton yarn to whip up this crochet skirt, a cool summer fashion to whip up in no time. Stitch the sport weight of this yarn with a 4mm hook to complete this reversible crochet skirt. wilmade

22. Free Crochet Ruffle Skirt Pattern

Get here the quick instructions about how to crochet a ruffle skirt like an expert. The ruffled bottom is the whole beauty of this long skirt that comes with tight fittings around the hips and waist. It features so many different design textures and would be a delight while gliding your hand over it. Details here crochetmari

23. Crochet A Sassy Ruffle Skirt

The half fabric and half yarn look of this ruffle skirt will double up the cuteness of every kid. This skirt will rock for a 3-year little girl. You need 1 skein of Premier Cotton Fair Candy yarn and 1 skein of Red Heart Boutique Holiday Sassy Fabric to stitch this ruffle skirt. Finish with an elastic waistband. Hook sizes here myhobbyiscro

24. Jean Skirt Crochet Pattern

Everyone will love just this jean skirt, an adorable crochet outfit pattern. Crochet 4-10 skeins of worsted weight 4 Lion Brand Jeans Yarn to complete this jean skirt. Use a 4.5mm hook to stitch this 100% acrylic yarn to whip up this jean skirt, which will surely be a great addition to one’s wardrobe. shabbysheepa

25. Crochet Granny Square Skirt

A big thanks to granny square for this adorable crochet skirt, excellently colorful crochet outfit. Crochet the colorful granny squares and then combine them along with tiered ruffles on the bottom side to make this crochet granny square skirt. One of the best Crochet Skirt Patterns to crochet. thecrochetw

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