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Recommendations eco-inhibitors For 2023 About 20 Quick and Easy Origami Box Folding Instructions & Ideas

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Learn how to make an origami box with these 20 simple DIY origami box instructions and ideas that range from easy to advance and will be the best to get out of your A4 papers. Use these boxes to smartly pack your gifts, and you will learn here so many different ways to make an origami box. You are really going to have great fun here with your art of origami. From square to rectangular to triangular, fold all types of origami boxes at home with these quick folding instructions.

Browse this collection of 20 quick DIY origami boxes that are sharing the world’s best techniques and hacks about how to fold an origami box like a pro. Use so many different colors of paper sheets to make colorful origami boxes, fold the single color papers to make quick origami boxes and also go with the printed origami boxes to make enchanting boxes with colorful design prints.

There are so many design choices, make the origami boxes without lids or make them with attached boxes. Spice up your gift-giving with the hinged lid origami boxes that are one of the quickest folding projects and make the patchwork origami gift boxes too will be loved dearly by all and will be a breeze to make. Amaze the audience with the infinity origami boxes that will amaze with twist snap-lock lid, and you will get the guides also to make traditional Masu inspired boxes, will make amazing desktop organize and accessory holders.

1. Fun Origami Box for Kids

Willing to have some fun with kids? Then why not try out some interesting origami projects at home like making this origami box. Make it using 6 sheets of paper having different colors. The 17cm x 17cm paper sheets will just rock to make this fun origami box for kids. Details here teachstarter

2. Origami Hinged Gift Box

Take your origami art to the next level by making this origami hinged gift box. A great new and creative recovery is done with the paper folding art. You need no more gift wraps or boxes, make these lovely ones at home. You need 2 sheets of rectangular A4 paper having size 21” x 29.7”cm and follow origami box instructions to make this hinged gift box. youtube

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3. Patchwork Paper Origami Gift Boxes

Spice up your gift-giving game by making this patchwork paper origami gift boxes. They are just sweet, delightful, and colorful. fold the 4 squares of paper for the lid and 4 for the base. Go with your own paper colors to give amazing variations to your gift boxes. Use washi tape for adhesive demands. we are scout

4. Modular Origami Infinity Box

To fold this modular origami infinity box requires no glue. This origami box instructions impresses with its central pinwheel accents and is too beautiful to win one’s heart. Again you need 4 paper sheets to fold the base and 4 to make the lid. One of the best gift boxes ever created, adored it more using washi tape. Details here youtube

5. Hinged Origami Box

Learn here how to make the hinged origami boxes like a pro. No glue required here, and you will get the fabulous gift boxes that may be expensive to buy from the market. The finished size of this box is 5.2×5.2×5.2 cm, and you need 2 sheets of A4 paper 14.8 x 29.7 cm to make this hinged box. youtube

6. How to Fold An Origami Gift Box

If you have never gone through the process of folding a paper into a sweet looking gift box, then get here the professional guides and visual diagrams to do so. Just take one piece of paper to fold this sweet gift box, will rock to pack miniature jewelry gifts. One of the best origami project. origami tutorial

7. Origami Paper Box

You can really do wonders using leftover paper squares. Use your folding paper art and make this origami paper box that will be a sweet addition to update your home storage options. Make these boxes with lids and in your own favorite colors to use as a gift box. Details here youtube

8. Origami Box Fairy Lights

Making origami bombs or paper balloons can be good for several different purposes. Use them to boost your home and party decors too. The paper balloons will make lovely covers for the string LED lights giving a colorful effect. Use different colorful papers for rainbow light covers. Details here gatheringbeauty

9. Rectangular Origami Box Instructions

You will fall for this super beautiful rectangular model of the box that looks like a big tray. It is inspired by traditional origami masu boxes and will rock to store the postcards, papers, and other items of this kind. Make it with or without the lid with the free provided visual instructions. Details here thesprucecrafts

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10. Origami Hinged Gift Boxes

Choose these origami hinged gift boxes to pack your expensive gifts. They are to make with 3 square sheets of paper. Choose 1 with 20 x 20cm size, and the rest of 2 should be of 14.2 x 14.2cm size. Further, you need the ruler and glue to complete these hinged gift boxes. Details here youtube

11. Easy Peasy Origami Gift Box

Spice up your last-minute gift-giving game with these easy peasy origami gift boxes that will complete in minutes for sure. These easy origami boxes come with lids and are a breeze to fold even for a beginner. You need scrapbook paper and trimmer to make these origami gift boxes. Details here gatheringbeauty

12. How to Fold a Traditional Origami Box

Willing to try out traditional origami projects? Then do try making these masu boxes, will make outstanding gift boxes. This box will rock to hold small items like paper clips and candies. Try it out with any paper of choice that may be shiny or printed. The visual diagrams will be a total help. Details here origami

13. Rectangular Origami Box for Beginners

You will love this another easy origami for beginners, the rectangular origami box. The best beginner origami project that will work up super quickly. Just cut large squares out of A4 color paper sheets and use a square to fold a box and other for the lid. The square for the bottom box should be 0.5cm smaller. redtedart

14. Snap Lock Origami Box

One more interesting origami wonders to amaze your senses. A more amazing origami box that comes with a snap-lock. The project involves a lot of pre-creasing, and the twist-lock box will be the main interesting feature of this handsome box. The project is about constructing polygon shapes into boxes. origamitutorials

15. DIY Origami Box

Update your home storage options by making these DIY origami boxes, will be an ideal choice to store your sewing supplies and crafting supplies. They can be on your desktop, too, as lovely organizers. One of the best paper folding origami boxes to make at home. Details here youtube

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16. Origami Pen Holder Box

Start organizing your things and supplies with these sweet origami boxes, that are super quick and easy to make. How to make an origami box? Just fold the paper squares and make this pen holder box, will nicely hold your pens and pencils and will make a lovely desktop organizer. Details here origamijapan

17. Triangle Origami Boxes

Are you looking for some ways to pack some sweet candies as a gift? Simply opt for these triangle origami boxes that will be a big love of all the kids if given as lovely treat gifts. Simply fold the scrapbook papers to make these sweet and lovely looking boxes. Details here itrydiy

18. Origami Box With Flaps

Looking for some amazing home storage options? Then head over to these origami boxes with flaps, will nicely display your stored items too. Make it with or without the lids, and simply fold the paper squares to make this project. Just add a lot of creases before your fold paper into this box. Follow origami box instructions here origami tutorial

19. DIY Rectangular Origami Box

This origami box will rock for all purposes and comes with decent rectangular shape. You need an origami paper or scrapbook paper to make this rectangular box, will be loved dearly by all. It is an all-in-one-lid box that will rock as a gift box and as an accessory box. Details here gatheringbeauty

20. Masu Origami Box

Time to organize your things with this traditional origami box, the masu box, will rock to pack your gifts and other accessories. Choose a single color or painted scrapbook paper to make these enchanting origami boxes, will be loved dearly by all for sure. make origami


We always need some durable boxes that we can use to pack our gifts, to hole our accessories, and also to update home storage. So, origami boxes will be an amazing choice, make them in any size you want, and start using them in numerous different ways. Use them to pack candies, watches, and other expensive gifts and choose the hinged style of these origami boxes for more amazing options. There are tons of unique ways to fold these origami boxes like a pro. All have been shared in this collection.

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