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Recommendations eco-inhibitors For 2023 About 20 DIY Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas And Decorations

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Going through a tough to decide a unique party theme for a baby shower or baby’s birthday. Then we suggest you throw a rainbow birthday theme and rainbow decorations that will be the ultimate kid’s pleasing theme. So, go with these 20 DIY rainbow birthday party ideas that involve making all in the rainbow themed like cakes, party tablescapes, arches, and amazing rainbow backdrops. A rainbow party theme is going to be the most kids’ favorite as all kids love colorful things, and these rainbow decorations would be ideally colorful. This list of rainbow birthday party ideas will guide you almost every item of the party to make and design in a rainbow theme. As you are going to play with lots of colors, so these projects are going to be big fun to do for sure.

Adorn a white painted planter box with crayons and self-adhesive buttons to make fabulous rainbow party centerpieces. Make use of white and long rainbow balloons to make a rainbow with clouds arches that will provide interesting backgrounds too. Opt for a rainbow balloon wreath to spice up your birthday party decorations and also wrap the rainbow color yarn around the foam wreath to make rainbow party wreaths.

This not end here, make rainbow salads for a rainbow theme party and let your party theme speak volumes for the rainbows by adding rainbow desserts on the party tables, the rainbow waffles, and rainbow cake bars will make a smart choice in this regard. So, do take a tour of all these DIY rainbow birthday party ideas for kids that will make a birthday party memorable.

1. Rainbow Art Party Centerpiece

If you are organizing the parties on a rainbow theme to celebrate the colors, then you must make this centerpiece. Grab planter box, paint it in white and then layer the rainbow crayons all around for an enchantingly colorful rainbow appeal. Finish it up with colorful self-adhesive buttons and fill with gumballs. fun365

2. Over the Rainbow Birthday Party for Kids

Check out here the mind-blowing hack for a rainbow birthday party theme for the kids. Use the white inflated balloons and long balloons in rainbow colors to make the background rainbow arch and decorate it more with the rainbow tissue paper garlands. Next, use the candy sticks, gumballs and treat bags, etc. in rainbow colors too. projectnursery

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3. How to Make a Rainbow Balloon Wreath

Rock kids’ rainbow themed parties by making this quick rainbow garland. It will be ready in no time and involve inexpensive supplies to be in your hands. You need a straw wreath, floral pins, twine, and rainbow color balloons to make this wreath. Details here hoosierhomemade

4. Rainbow Wreath for Birthday Party

Jazz up your rainbow parties more with this rainbow wreath will rock for a birthday party. Grab a foam wreath form and then wrap the rainbow color yarn around it until you get a colorful rainbow wreath to hang in your party environments. Use glue to secure the wreath in place. 1pureheart

5. DIY Birthday Lawn Sign

This will add 4 moons to your birthday party, the best birthday lawn sign, will work up quickly. Print out your letters and then cut them out and glue on the colored 12″ x 12″ cardstocks or on patterned cardstocks. Tape them off on the dowels and finish with fancy rainbow paper fringes. Details here studiodiy

To personalize your message on party banners of all shapes and sizes. Check these custom and easy to make birthday banner ideas for kids and adults.

6. Rainbow Waffles With Whipped Cream Clouds

Rock the birthday parties by making rainbow waffles, will be loved dearly by all the kids. Use the whipped cream to make the white clouds too. You need a baking mix, eggs, milk, gel food colors, whipped cream, and lucky charms for these rainbow waffles. Details here tablespoon

7. Rainbow Salad in a Jar with Avocado Hummus

Impress your friends and family by adding this rainbow salad in the party. The rainbow salad comes in a jar and waters the mouth with the avocado hummus. This rainbow salad will rock for lunchtime too. It will take only 15 minutes to prep and make this rainbow salad. Full recipe here ohmyveggies

8. Vertical Rainbow Fringe Garland

Bring lots of colors to your rainbow-themed part with this vertical rainbow fringe garland. Use the tissue paper or crepe paper in rainbow colors to whip up these vertical rainbow fringes garland. You only need to cut fringes in the tissue papers to make this fringe garland. Details here studiodiy

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9. Graham Cracker Rainbow Weather Snack

Rock the rainbow birthday party dessert tables with these graham cracker rainbow weather snacks that are going to be kids’ favorite. They are quite something quick and easy to make. You need graham crackers, blue frosting, marshmallows, and rainbow airheads to make these snacks. Details here kristenduke

10. Rainbow Birthday Party

If you are willing to organize a birthday party on a rainbow theme, then you must get here all step-by-step instructions to organize a rainbow birthday party. The project shares all hacks to make lovely rainbow party decorations, centerpieces, and snacks. Details here romhousetoho

11. Easy Rainbow Ribbon Gift Wrap

If you are willing to give some gifts at the end of the birthday party, then you will love these rainbow gift wraps. Make them with the rainbow ribbons that can be tie around the gifts and can also be swirled to make cool gift wrap toppers, the best birthday party rainbow project. Details here tikkido

12. Colorful Birthday Party Backdrop

You will love the way this party backdrop will fancy up the entire party space. It involves rainbow balloons and inflated letters to make the best birthday party backdrop. One of the best party backdrop to make for a kids’ birthday party. It will surely impress at a very first look. tiffanieanne

13. Rainbow Punch Pinata

Make this gorgeous looking punch pinata using a handful of supplies. It will create a never-ending fun. You need two poster boards, tissue paper, brown paper bags, pinata filler, rope or string, and tape to make this rainbow punch pinata. Details here madewithhappy

14. Throw the Ultimate Rainbow Birthday Party

Get here all instructions to throw an ultimate rainbow birthday party. If you really want to get impressive arrangements of the kid’s birthday themes, then you must love these hacks that involve all from making rainbow arches to rainbow decorations to rainbow centerpieces. Details here brit co

15. Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Cake

Make the rainbow cake layers and then stack them with buttercream frosting. Cover the top with the white fondant and start adding the unicorn details. Make the horn with marshmallow fondant. Use the edible gold dust mixed with the lemon extract for gold ear painting. Details here marvelousmommy

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16. DIY Cake Bar for Kids

One more rainbow-inspired party treat to make for the kids’ birthday parties, the DIY cake bars for kids. Grab the vanilla cake mix and just give it various colors using food coloring. Next, put the different colored layers in a bow or jar to make a rainbow cake bar. Finish with other colorful sprinkles and toppings. pinholepress

17. Rainbow Tablescape & Balloon Garland

You need uncooked beans or latex balloons in rainbow colors to make this rainbow tablescape and balloon garland. They are going to be the best decor arrangements for a rainbow party theme. The idea is to put together rainbow-colored inflated balloons to make outstanding rainbow party table decorations. birdsparty

18. Rainbow Paper Garland Carm

One more party decor hack to bring rainbows to your party spaces. Just grab the papers in rainbow colors and make paper fans out of them. Tape them all together, making cool party paper garlands. These rainbow decorations will just cost you nothing but simple crafting work. Details here icecreamoffpaper

19. Easy 6-layer Rainbow Cake

Please the kids with this big surprise, the rainbow cake that is all about to make with the 6 stacked-layer having rainbow colors. Next, just cover them up with the buttercream frosting. You can easily transform this 6-layer rainbow cake into a unicorn cake too for adding a horn, ears, and flower garland. kerrycooks

20. Rainbow Photo Booth Backdrop

Take the best snaps and memorable photos with friends at the end of a rainbow-themed party using this rainbow photo booth backdrop. Grab the 8.5″ x 11″ papers in rainbow colors and then just cover a large foam core board with them making a cool rainbow backdrop for your photo booth. minted

Also try these inexpensive indoor and outdoor party games for kids, tweens, and teens on their birthdays.


A birthday party theme matters when you are planning a surprise birthday party. Choose a unique birthday party theme that will suit your kids’ personality and these rainbow birthday party ideas for kids will make a smart choice. If you do want to save money to cast a rainbow theme on a baby’s birthday, then you must go with these rainbow birthday party ideas. They are from the genius minds around the globe. You just need a beginner skill level to make these rainbow decorations.

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