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Recommendations eco-inhibitors For 2023 About 150 Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell

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Put your good skills to a rewarding profession by exploring through our 150 most profitable and small woodworking projects that sell! People love brand inspired things or pieces of DIY furniture, decor items, wall art to buy with the same appeal but fewer holes in the pocket! If you have this loving urge to build something out of scratch or transform old, worn-out things into these catchy and beautiful house decor upgrade items, you are going to loves our inspirations below!

We have gathered here some brilliant and most profitable and cool woodworking projects that sell using our step by setup free woodworking plans! Imagine how lucky you could get by turning your hobby into your profession to make a profit and get famous too! All of our woodworking projects have detailed free plans, step by step guides, material, and supplies details from the start to end. Even if you are a beginner at woodworking, you can still nail this like a pro! From shelves made with Industrial pipe & wood to wooden daybed and caddies, console tables, coffee tables, DIY picture frames, and perfect DIY gifts, we have got it all! These small woodworking projects can be easily pulled off from the comfort of your home or your garage! See for yourself.

Cool woodworking projects for begginers that you can build and sell

1. DIY Under Bed Storage

Name any storage option more cherishing and magical than an under the bed storage pull out drawer? We can bet there’s none! You can manage your craft supplies, in this case, your gift wrapping supplies or anything and then whoosh! It’s gone like magic. Out of sight and out of the clutter zone feeling. This DIY under bed storage is magic of plywood scrap! charlestoncrafted

2. Build Wood Storage Cubbies

Wood storage cubbies with added metal details are making us go all drooling over this piece of a perfect woodworking projecst! This decorative woodworking plan is made using the fancy metal details, featuring brass as the cubbies base, copper, and stainless rods. You can easily make and sell these superb mid-century and ultra-modern vibes. danslelakehouse

3. Wooden Tealight Holders

Do you have a candle obsession? We believe candles should be scientifically declared as anti-depressant therapy or something of the sort! These beautiful DIY teapot candle handlers that you are seeing are super easy to make! They are made using the two simplest supplies, including wood glue and wooden curtain rings! thecraftygentleman

4. Wooden Spice Rack

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Well, it’s the kitchen police. All hands on deck to rescue you from kitchen cabinet clutter! Check out this classy and super delicate DIY spice rack displays in delicate test tubes from our list of woodworking projects. Hanging from a walnut frame! You will require a hardwood like walnut to pull this woodworking plan off! With some test tubes, cork stoppers, and a few other supplies. thehandymans

5. Wooden Lego Bin to Sell

If you have been looking for ways to nail at the make and sell woodworking projects, you are totally going to love this one, and undoubtedly, it is going to be your best seller! Because, well, every house has a Lego tsunami going on. This Lego basket features two perfect handles space to carry it around, and it comes with a base plate storage! Beat that. thehandymans

6. Homemade Outdoor Wood Steps

Get your hands on some pressure-treated lumber and have a party down the woodworking plans lane with this FREE woodworking plan for these gorgeous wooden stairs! You will need about two of – 2x8x8, two of 2x6x12, two of 2x6x8, and just one of 2x4x8. Along with table saw and other basic craft supplies! themerrythought

7. Shoe Storage Wooden Shelf

If, like most people, you too are bothered by a cluttered space, here’s one of cool woodworking projects for you! This one will not only help you get productively busy, but you can also display and use your shoe collection as a decor item! You will require some 2″x2″ and 2″x12″x8’ pieces of wood, a 1/2″ of wood dowel, wood glue, miter saw, some more supplies. Get the free woodworking plan here. heywanderer

8. How to Make Wooden Egg Holders

If you have been collecting a huge number of eggs from your flock lately, this might be time to either start gifting them around of just putting the fresh, organic eggs for sale in these durable and catchy wooden egg holders. While holidays are around the corner, you can also craft these beginner woodworking projects and send them as perfect holiday gifts. Will go best with Easter for sure. Leaving the wood raw and unfinished will give it a subtler look! tidbits cami

9. Totally Genius Shelving Unit

Fasten your wooden goals and hop on to our brilliant IKEA hack train! Hunker is here with a perfect IKEA transformation of a simple IKEA shelf to a totally genius wooden shelving unit! If you have a smaller space available like in the hallway or a less spacious office, it is going to be a cool and minimalistic shelving unit for you! hunker

10. Teacup Bird Feeders

This DIY bird feeder is totally going to add up to your decor, and it looks absolutely homey to us! How about getting a whole lot of even more crafty outside with a pallet board, painted as per the shade of your choice, some antique teacups and their china dishes, some hooks, and durable thread to put food for our feathered friends? daintydressdiaries

11. Build a Live Edge Slab Bar Top Table

The first step towards working out things with a live wooden bar is to pick out the wooden bar! The tutorial here has worked with an 8+ footer, which seemed perfect for a heightened table for a bar! After careful sanding, you can finalize the look by adding more character to it with a varnish using our 25 DIY Live Edge Wood Projects To Make At Home! Get the complete and free woodworking plan here. ispydiy

12. Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover

Almost every house suffers the ugly side of a breaker panel in plain sight! IF you have been wondering how to cover that up while staying in the aesthetics, here’s a great woodworking plan for you. Check out this Rustic wooden sign to cover the breaker’s irony! It is super easy to put with a walnut wood stain, paint, glue, and some more supplies. thecraftingnook

13. Wood Nightstand

Have you been searching for more exciting small woodworking projects that sell? How about a minimalistic and uber-stylish Scandinavian nightstand? You can happily build the whole thing by working around with some pine plywood, metal hinges, screws, table saw, wood glue, screwdriver, drill, and a taste for aesthetics. lilyardor

14. Natural Wood Plant Markers

Plant markers are a very special and soothing kind of homey thing that you can bring about in your home! Get a good bonding time with your fam jam by putting up these darn easy to make plant markers. You are going to need some paint stir sticks, popsicle sticks, metal hooks, painted white sticks, and flattened spoons with engraved lettering. tidbits cami

15. House Number Sign With Wood Shims

Every house has a house number! Why not make your house number stand out from the rest of the houses by working on this beautiful DIY modern house number sign made with wood shims! This craft is just going to take about 1 hour of your time and only $30 from your pockets! Do the magic with some birch plywood, wood shims, floating mount house numbers, wood stain, and paint. acraftedpassion

16. DIY $65 Bathroom Vanity to Sell

While people can find a lot of pricey and flashy bathroom vanities at the branded stores, this DIY bathroom vanity, which by the way you can easily make and sell, is going to look as high end and only cost them; and you around $65! Way to make money with your passion for woodworking projects, eh? Get the free building plan here. angelamariemade

17. Wooden Monogram Cutting Board

We are bringing you here a perfect house warming gift for the new neighbors around the corner, or maybe your sister has just moved into the town! Check out this stunning personalized monogram cutting board! Inspired by the inlay technique and a celestial design to make it a hit! Start off by buying a wooden store board. Get the next steps here. designsponge

18. Farmhouse Serving Tray

Another perfect and flawless homemade gift! We are totally awe-struck over this flawless and perfect DIY farmhouse wooden serving tray. This one can also be an upcycling project by pulling off this magic with an old cupboard door or something. You will just need some vintage handles and walk through these seven steps to nail this one. shesaved

19. Wooden Ride-on Car

Cars have been a kid’s favorite sleep mode or finally stopped crying mode for quite some time now. So, DIYing a wood car would be one excellent make and sell opportunity for you! A fraction of this car is inspired by “How to Steal a Million” movie’s car. Start off by getting a more giant print of your template on a blueprint printer. abeautifulmess

20. DIY Glasses and Jewelry Organizer

Manage and organize your jewelry and glasses with an aesthetically befitting organizer! If you wear eyeglasses on a daily basis, you must like to keep them well organized and in a pretty accessible space. This wooden DIY here is a mixture of a table stand, a beauty dock, and a pegboard organizer. themerrythought

21. Wooden Toddler Activity Center

This is a perfect piece of craft to keep your little one occupied in and being in the same room with the whole family! Build your toddler, a complete wooden toddler activity center! Which is not going to be ugly at all like the ones available in the market. Tweak the animals and playthings as per your kid’s age and interest. abeautifulmess

22. Bee Garden from a Wood Pallet

Time to Bee more kind than you already might be! Here’s of the great woodworking projects for you filled with achievement and self-satisfaction! How would you like working on something that is both going to look classy in your backyard and at the same time, save bees?! Set up this flawless bee pallet vertical garden using wood pallets, paint, a lot of flowering plants, and some more supplies. compostandcava

Do you know where to get wooden pallets for free? No? Okay, No problem check our detailed guide on free pallets. You’ll get free wooden pallets in your area after reading our deailted guide.

23. Waldorf Rainbow

Sure, we have all been hopeful and adoring towards the silver linings, but rainbows are everyone’s favorite! And this DIY wooden Waldorf rainbow is going to be your personal favorite among the build and sell woodworking plans! Waldorf schools are famous for having wooden toys! And this trendy rainbow has become a great house decor option. damasklove

24. Wooden Ikea Pendant Light Hack

IKEA brackets for making light scones have been one famous and loved decor upgrade that many people have started off over time! If you have also been getting attracted to this classy IKEA hack, check out this DIY Light Sconce Corbel Style IKEA Ranarp Light Hack by Sisters What! You will need some basic supplies like Ranarp light, decorative screws, and 1*4 and 2*2. sisterswhat

25. How to Build a Sofa Arm Table

We are sure you all have been through that time where you are all chilling and relaxing on your sofa, and suddenly, you have got to get up, sit straight because the drink needs a flat surface! Minus that, shall we? Check out this perfect sofa arm table, a chill and super easy woodworking plan to bring ease and comfort to your life. loveandrenovations

26. Make a Bookshelf from Scratch

Vintage and rustic bookshelves bring a lot of character to the room! If you have been looking for your next big DIY break, check out this upcycled bookcase made from scratch. This DIY bookshelf is made from a pile of old fence pailings. All of it, for back, sides, top, and base. One pro-tip; use sandpaper and gloves to keep yourself safe from splinters. southerninlaw

27. Copper and Wood Coffee Cart

This copper and wood coffee cart looks like a true vision! With its beautiful wood and copper details, it is going to be a major hit. It’s just going to take about 2 hours of your day! The simple supplies you are going to need are pine plywood, copper pipe, copper elbow pieces, drill, screws, nail gun, and wheels. heywanderer

28. Rustic DIY TV Console Table

Another highly functional and stately wonder of free woodworking plans! This one here is a beautiful and minimalistic DIY easy rustic TV console table that is going to bring quite a minimalistic appeal to your living room! You are going to need about 2 long pinewood boards, 2 large crates, 4 wheels, wood screws, drill bit, screwdriver, and bubble level. thecraftingnook

29. Wooden Wall Spice Rack

Kitchen decor upgrade alert! Cooking is Godly to some people out there, and we are totally up for it. Make your cooking endeavors more lovely and darling with this super catchy and minimalistic DIY spice rack. You will need wood glue, brad nails, paint or stain, Kreg jig, drill, Miter saw, clamps, and brad nailer with some specific wood measurement supplies here. angelamariemade

30. Wooden Floating Nightstand

Everybody loves a space around their bed to cozy up in and at the same time, keep their phones or other things close. This DIY floating nightstand is going to be perfect for someone who doesn’t like cluttering up the room with side tables. It looks different and takes up little space so you can actually make guaranteed money if you make and sell this DIY nightstand. bobvila

31. DIY Pallet Tool Shelf

For our amazing DIYers, here is another great idea to keep their woodworking tools and supplies well organized and aesthetically up to the mark. Make this functional pallet shelf using a simple pallet and a little crate and board for setting up instant DIY shelves. Get the complete and free woodworking plan here! funkyjunkinteriors

32. Homemade Wall Mail Organizer

“I forgot it was in the mail pile somewhere.” Are you having the same ‘I forgot” problem? How about organizing your mail like a pro, so you never have to go through that! Without any power woodworking tools included, you can easily make this homemade wall mail organizer. In just an hour, you can totally nail this one. anikasdiylife

33. Wooden Entryway Shoe Rack

Shoes, shoes, and shoes everywhere? The moment you enter your house? How about some perfect pallet shoe rack to make your entrance cluttered shoe-free? Start off by cutting the wood in sizes (get the sizes details), paint, dark walnut stain, polyurethane, lightweight spackle, miter saw drill, and clamps. angelamariemade

34. Blanket Ladder to Make and Sell

Who hates the piled up blankets on the bed all the time? No matter how many times you make the bed, those piled-up blankets just steal away the charm. Here’s your opportunity to actually introduce a functional blanket ladder in the market! Make and sell this beauty! It will sell like hotcakes. Get your hands on 2 wood sticks and 4 rounded sticks and hit it off. thecraftingnook

35. Dining Table Under $60

This is quite an inspirational DIY voyage of turning trash to treasure! This perfect and shiny DIY dining table that you are seeing here is made up using thirteen 4*4 wood boards, 19ft of angle iron, Minwax Lacquer, Brush, metal tubing, spray paint, and screws. All of these supplies, some DIY spirit and effort and this is going to cost you just $60 or so. lilyardor

36. DIY Fall Directional Signs

If you have a front yard, you can spruce up its decor for the approaching fall season with this Fun DIY fall directional sign, which is made using an old coat rack. It all starts by cutting a few pieces of scrap wood and dressing them up with different colors. Then comes the art of typography, You can also check our best DIY signs to find more creativity for your signs. Get the full step by step guide with illustrations here. justalittlecreativity

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37. Build a Wooden Ball Plant Stand

Oh, the beauty and wonders of DIYing. Make just anything that is going to be jaw droopingly beautiful! Take around 8 pieces of 8” of wooden circles, 8 pieces of 2” wooden knobs, acrylic paint and brush, wood glue, and wooden skewers. Paint up the wooden knobs and circles in your favorite color. Use glue to attach knobs in places! abeautifulmess

38. Beautiful Wooden Coaster

Do you love having the kind of things that other people just cannot stop mentioning that “Oh, I saw that beautiful thing there,” This wooden coaster is going to be one of those things that are going to make you quite famous around the block! Unconventionality at its best! With some wooden slabs and balls rolling, it’s perfect brag material. dekotopia

39. Wedding Gift from Wooden Pallets

Sure there are a lot of traditional wedding gifts that couples can register for and get the kitchen things or antique china, but still, none of them can beat a warmth filled homemade gift! If any of your good friends are going to get married, make them this beautiful and sensational wedding gift from wooden pallets! fromevijawithlove

40. Wooden Bead Chandelier

Ok, now this one is absolutely a heart stealer! Who would have thought from all the free woodworking plans you can play around with, there can be a perfect wooden chandelier! These stately wooden beads all piled up with such beauty are just going to cost you around $170. Head over to the full tutorial here and make your place look like heaven! thehousethatlars

41. DIY Netflix + Chill Bath Caddy

Having #MeTime is as essential as the petrol supply for a car! DIY the bath of your dreams with this Netflix and chill bath caddy made with a slab of wood. It is one super simple project and will hardly require like a few minutes of your time! Start off by cutting board after measuring the size! And make a slot for your phone to rest in it, too, along with the wine and candles. brooklynlimestone

42. Kids Outdoor Table

We cannot emphasize more on the importance of kids having some positive and productive outdoor time! You can avail of this market gap and actually think about to build and sell some great kids outdoor tables. You will require some Minwax weathered Oak, Kreg jig, miter saw, drill, orbital sander, Minwax special walnut, and Minwax spar urethane. cherishedbliss

43. Wooden Make Up Storage

Nothing’s worse than having your lipsticks, and makeup brushes all scattered around like some huge trash! Check out this east to make a DIY wooden makeup holder that is only going to take about 30 minutes of your day to make. Whipped up from leftover wood, this one’s a real treat! Get your hands on some wood, drill, drill bill, sandpaper, and wood filler. burkatron

44. Trellis Screen for Your Backyard

Trellis screen adds character and breezy appeal to any backyard! Seeing them at the cozy cafes must have stolen your heart by now! Well, here’s your chance to pull off these great woodworking projects and make a similar Trellis screen for your home. Plus, Hide the ugly areas in your backyard in just about 2 hours. Get the full plan and woodworking supply details here. practicallyfunctional

45. DIY 3 Tiered Corner Plant Stand

Plants are a refreshing and breezy vision in themselves! But the arrangement can always make them pass for a spruced up backyard. 2×4 s are to take the credit here! This three-tiered cornered plant sander is made by working around the 2x4s. Adjust or choose the measurements as per your spot. charlestoncrafted

46. DIY Vertical Planter Stand

This DIY vertical planter stand is featuring 66.5″ tall x 16″ wide planter stand! It is absolutely darling! Made using Furring strips, cedar or pine wood, Kreg screws, wall planter hooks, Flower pots, primer or spray paint, wood stain, Kreg jig, drill, and miter saw! Just to give you an idea, the tutorial suggests using Cedar as it is more weather resistant than pinewood. angelamariemade

47. Two-Tier Vegetable Storage Rack

Bring the real feels of the farmhouse to your home with these two-tier wood product stands! For keeping the vegetables or fruits. For one thing, it will be an aesthetically befitting way to store the vegetables and fruits! Plus, it’s functional enough to compartmentalize both. You will need some wood crates, wood boards, wood screws, and wood stains. kj blog

48. Reclaimed Wood Barn Door Headboard

This reclaimed wood barn door headboard can add lots and lots of character and appeal to your bedroom, without any doubt! Start off by protecting the reclaimed Barn Door. Carefully use sander across the whole thing to save yourself from splinters. The tutorial suggested using Fusion mineral paint because of it’s no strong smell qualities! funkyjunkinteriors

49. Build a Shoe Cubby to Sell

Shoe cubbies are every house’s need! Regardless of the number of people living inside! This could be a perfect make and sell woodworking projects for you to hit off around the town! Work around some pine boards to make this one. By using Radial arm saw, take a general measurement hint (not too big or too small), primer, and paint to finish the perfect look. Check full details here. bybrittanygoldwyn

50. DIY Wood Succulent Planter

Succulents are not just beautiful but they also add quite a lovely appeal to any decor! Celebrate spring with these refreshing and pleasant blooms inside the house! This DIY wood succulent planter is a perfect way to appreciate mother nature’s beautiful additions to our lives! Made simply by working around a piece of pinewood! kj blog

51. Three Tier Wood Slice Stand

There are a lot of food stands available in the market! But we are sure nothing can beat the beauty of this three-tier wood slice stand. You will be needing about three wood slices, E6000 epoxy glue, two glass candlesticks, and three wooden cabinet knobs. It surely makes a statement on its own! Simple to make and perfect to flaunt around. personallyandrea

52. Wooden Keepsake Baby Blocks

For a mother, the most perfect moments of her life etched in her brain forever are the first time she sees her little ones born into the world! SO if you are thinking for a perfect gift for your new mommy friends or sisters, these wooden keepsake baby blocks will steal her heart for sure! You’ll merely need for wooden blocks, Walnut wood stain, wood glue, ribbon, and oil-based paint maker. inspirationalmomma

53. Repurposed Cribcot to Bench

We are sure each house has that old crib or cot resting somewhere in the house. When kids are grown up, that crib is just lying uselessly around. With this tutorial, you can successfully transform that old crib into this cozy and functional kid’s bench! You will need some woodworking tools like a screwdriver, etc., Dark oak varnish and 2 x 4 hardwood with few other woodworking supplies. grillo designs

54. DIY Woodland Birch Slice Trivet

Inspired by the rustic backdrops from Little Women, this Birch slice trivet is all the things you need to enjoy a hot pot of tea! It all starts with a birch tree wood slice, some leftover slices from your kitchen cabinet, dried citrus slices, and snippets of Winters shrubbery. A small dab of glue will perfectly fix these items, and you can have your Birch slice trivet ready in no time. thirstyfortea

55. Bag Hook for Your Entryway

We believe 30 DIY Small Entryway Ideas and updates are the best things that can happen to you these winters! Because the moment we enter our house, there go the shoes, and there goes the bag. All piled up on the floor. Why not set up a wide bag hook for your entryway? For everyone to easily use when they enter the home. loveandrenovations

56. DIY Industrial Kids Bookshelf

If you need some highly functional storage for your kids, which is a classy version of disaster management, this industrial kid’s bookshelf is going to be a big hit. These are great woodworking projects for you to tweak the size and storage details as per your requirement. However, the added 1/2″ Metal Pipe before each shelf is perfect for keeping things organized. cherishedbliss

57. Build a Wood Cat House to Sell

There are many cat houses in the market, but either they are way too expensive or the material is not very durable! This plywood DIY cat house with a hole as the entry can be a great make and sell woodworking plan for you these winters! Cats love cozying up in warm spaces, and this one’s all cool breeze free! So paws up, yeah? burkatron

58. Industrial Farmhouse Pipe Coat Hooks

Every mom’s dream is to make her boy’s room so much accessible that she doesn’t have to face the wrath of piled up clothes on the floor! Easy toss-up clothes hanging are is all you need to remedy that. You are going to need some pipe fitting, about ½”, a wood plank, cordless drill, and screws and palm sander. Get the full woodworking plan here. funkyjunkinteriors

59. Horseshoe Bathroom Shelf

Like we always say and cherish the wonders of DIYing. There is just SO much character you can add when you choose to DIY things! We are absolutely drooling over this DIY horseshoe Rustic bathroom shelf. The perfect option to add extra storage to your bathroom space! You’ll need some reclaimed wood, saw, clamps, pencil, drill, screws, horseshoes, and stain. mountainmodernlife

60. Bed Frame Out Of Wood Panels

Have you been looking for a new bed? Check out this super perfect DIY bed frame made from wooden panels. It is quite simple woodworking projects, and you can save money by actually building it all by yourself! This homemade bed frame is made using pine wood panels. You will start by working around the measurements and getting the panels to that size. itsprettynice

61. Farmhouse Style Outdoor Table

This farmhouse design inspired table not only has a timeless look, but it looks perfectly clean, bold, and has a perfect size. The tutorial also comes with tape stencils for pasting FARMHOUSE on the table. The stencil art has been amplified with coal-black paint! Get the full step by step guide with illustration here. funkyjunkinteriors

62. DIY Blanket Ladder to Sell

With winters around the corner, if you are not ready to cope up with all the blanket pile up on the floor. Or on the bed, there must be other people like you out there looking for the best solution for that! Here comes the opportunity to build and sell this DIY blanket ladder. You will need (2) 2×4’s and (4) 1×4’s. With some hammer, nails, and special Walnut wood stain. cherishedbliss

63. Wooden Tool Caddy to Sell

Get your hands on some plywood, wood glue, casters, saw, and drill to make a perfect home for your tool supplies! This DIY tool caddy can come in perfectly handy to save your time and hassle when building things or working on your intense free woodworking plans! The added wheels are bringing more ease and comfort. hometreeatlas

64. DIY Game House for The Picnic

How about encouraging the outdoor time in your kids by building them this attractive and inviting picnic house! You are going to need 1 equal length of wooden slats and three equal lengths of wooden sticks. A large piece of cloth, any kid’s catchy print about 1,10m x 2,20 m and a sewing machine plus nails and hammer! happyserendipity

You may also like to build your own picnic table at home! A picnic table is a table with attached benches, designed for eating a meal outdoors. Use these free picnic table plans to build a picnic table for your garden, backyard, deck, or any other place around your home where you need seating and picnicking.

65. Outdoor Serving Station

One must hate going inside every minute to get food supplies while you are chilling in your pool or resting on your outdoor furniture! Let’s remedy that with this DIY outdoor serving station. This can be a perfect summertime or even springtime entertainment station. Start off by buying 24″ x 24″, 3/4″ wood project panels, a 10′ long 1×6 pine board, and some other supplies here. modpodgerocks

66. DIY Blanket Stand

Here’s another cool idea for keeping your winter blankets collection all organized and in check with aesthetics! You will be needing about 4 1/2-foot-long 2″x 2″ pieces and 4 pieces of 1″x 3″ measuring 12 inches long. Along with 3 (3/4 inches in diameter) dowels measuring about 28 inches long. Get the complete guide to building this blanket stand here. craftberrybush

67. Natural Birch Toothbrush Holder

Bring more character to your bathroom space with this DIY birch toothbrush holder! For this super easy woodworking projects, you will require a round natural birch piece, drill, and wood drill bits, paint or sealer (if you want a refurbished look), and fine sandpaper to get rid of any splinters. Choose the size of birch as per your available space and requirements. dreamalittlebigger

68. DIY Coffee Mug Tree for Kitchen

The first thing anyone wants in the morning is that cup of coffee that is a life changer! Or a mood changer perhaps. Of course, you would want that cup to be as accessible as possible. With this DIY mug rack, keep your coffee mugs as decluttered and as reachable as you’d like to! You will require an 11⁄4 inch wooden dowel, a 5/8 inch wooden dowel, and a 1⁄4 inch wooden dowel. bobvila

69. Make a Tree Stump Table to Sell

What would be more perfect than having the wonders of mother nature resting around in different corners of your house? This DIY tree stump table can steal anyone’s heart and could be a great product to build and sell with the right marketing, of course! Plus, it is darn easy. You’ll need a tree stump, chisel, rubber mallet, sandpaper, and some other woodworking supplies. diypassion

70. Wooden Faux Fireplace & Mantel

Inspired by the famous designs of Ana White, this DIY fireplace & mantel is perfect to cozy up the space in the living room! After cutting and assembling the main structure with glue and nails, move to securing the entire thing to the hearth and stabilize it. After sanding and priming, now start painting the faux mantel. petitepartystudio

71. Contemporary House Numbers

Make your own contemporary DIY house numbers and add some perfect contemporary appeal to your house. You will need Minwax Dark Walnut stain, House numbers, Gorilla glue, Elmer’s wood glue, and a picture frame hook. The back of this DIY is wood oak! Put it under your scone light bulbs, so no one goes missing while finding your place. thestripedhouse

72. Wooden 4 Drawer Storage Box

Keeping your office organized is as important as anything else! But who says you can’t do it without adding style and character to it. This one here is a transformation of wooden boxes to this office organizer. With drawer knobs replaced with brass pulls and coats of Iron ore paint. Put up some scrap wrapping paper inside the drawers. littlehouseoffour

73. Wooden Triangle Bookends

Even if you are much into woodworking projects, you still cannot resist DIYing this one. Add some perfect character to your home library with these wooden triangle bookends. You will need some wood like pine, wood glue, painter’s tape, black acrylic paint, paintbrush, handsaw, ruler, pencil and miter box. makeandtell

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74. DIY Bookcase with Toy Storage

With a house full of kids, organizing things is perhaps the most difficult task out of every other thing. rogueengineer has got the perfect and complete solution for this with this DIY bookcase with toy storage. You will require about 2 pieces of 3/4″ x 48″ x 96″ Plywood, 4′  –  3-1/4″ Baseboard Trim, 4′  –  3/4″ Decorative Trim and 1-1/4″ Kreg Pocket Hole Screws (Coarse) with 1-1/4″ Brad Nails. Get the list of other supplies here. rogueengineer

75. Wooden Baby Gym

This baby gym is perfect and flawless in all possible ways! Especially if your sister is having a baby, making her this DIY baby gym is going to be the perfect gift ever. DIY this sensational gift by using some pine wood, wood dowel, leather lace, wood rings, wooden beads, table saw, miter box, power planer, belt sander, wood glue, clamps, and drill. themerrythought

76. DIY Wood Slice Owl to Sell

A combination of rustic and vintage vibes with a warm wood slice! This DIY wood slice is going to everything that anyone would love to display in their house. It is exceptionally easy and could be a fun woodworking projects to make and sell. A perfect decor for any time of the year! You’ll require a large wood slice, 2 5” wide jar lids, mouth canning jar ids, pop bottle caps, serving spoon, forks, branch, glue, and stain. houseofhawthornes

77. Building a Sideboard Cabinet

This sideboard cabinet can only take up to 3 days to build, cost you around $165! This one here is a tiny bit difficult woodworking projects! It looks slim but features a huge storage option. It could be used as a sideboard cabinet in the dining room, dresser in the bedroom, or a storage console around the entryway. Get the materials, woodworking tools, and free woodworking plan here. build basic

78. Desk Organizer from a Block of Wood

Transform a wooden plank into a handy desk organizer caddy. It’s quite a simplified project out of all woodoworking projects, and you can get the details of a printable guide here. All you have to do is mark the holes in the wooden plank and make holes with a drill press. The tutorial features a 9-by-3-1/2-by-1-inch precut wooden plank. ehow

79. Farmhouse Writing Table

Make yourself a cozy up corner in the house to get your work done in peace. This DIY, farmhouse writing table is just absolutely perfect. You will require (4) Stair Spindles,(3) 1×3 @ 8′ and (1) 1×4 @ 8′ . Along with these, you will need a miter saw, wood glue, drill, finish nail gun, Kreg jig and pocket hole screws. cherishedbliss

80. DIY Plywood Daybed

Looking for a nice, cozy spot in the house to chill? Put up a cozy mattress, toss down a few throw cushions and make the corner your relaxing spot! Check out this DIY daybed made with pine plywood, pine boards, and other basic tool supplies, that you can check here. themerrythought

81. Wooden Plank Loveseat

This wooden plan love seat is all you need to spruce up your outdoor sitting game. Finished with Varathane reclaimed stain colors, this wooden plank seat has got us all drooling over it. The materials you are going to need for this one are one 4 x 4 x 8′ Untreated Kiln Dried Lumber,  seven 2 x 6 x 96″ Untreated Kiln Dried Lumber, four 2 x 4 x 96″ Premium Studs and five 1 x 4 x 8′ Common Boards; Pine. Toss in the love seat cushions. rogueengineer

82. Wooden Bench

This wooden bench is the kind of woodworking projects that anyone can easily build! It sure is one hell of a brag-worthy backyard outdoor bench. Plus, it is super simple to make, and any beginner at DIYing can also nail it like a pro. Enjoy some ample outdoor spacing. You’ll require 20 feet of 2″ x 2″ lumber,16 feet of 1″ x 2″ lumber, 16 feet of 1″ x 3 7⁄8″ lumber piece, 8 feet of 1″ x 6″ lumber. Add up three colors of wood stain. bobvila

83. DIY Wooden Tie Rack

If you are looking for a catchy and flaunt material father’s day gift, this DIY tie rack is going to set up a new standard for father’s day gifts. As usually, men need everything one step away, this tie rack will keep their ties well organized. You’ll need 1″x12″ board, wood stain, brad nailer and 2.5″ Old Fashioned Nails. craftaholicsanonymous

84. Wooden Airplane Play Structure

Childhood is the best time to introduce and encourage imagination in your kids. You can build this cute and fun airplane play structure for your kids to sit in and enjoy while playing outside. It is made with treated lumber, steel road, lawn mower wheel, and internal tooth lock washers. Get the exact dimension, free plan, and details here. rogueengineer

85. How to Make Crates Storage

If you have a pile of useless crates lying around somewhere in the back of your garage? How about transforming those crates into a cool DIY crates storage? Cover the whole thing with plywood pieces. You will require about 2 horizontal pieces of plywood, 2 vertical pieces, 2 back pieces, and 4 feet pieces. ohohdeco

86. Solar Cedar Path Light

Upgrade the look of your outdoor solar lights by using a few pieces of cedar. It will cost hardly $15 per light and less than an hour to set this up. The light remains below, and the solar panel can be mounted above, aesthetically befitting as well. Get the full details and guide here. build basic

You can notably reduce swimming pool heating costs by installing a solar pool heater.

87. X-Leg Herringbone Dining Table

Do you love having your meals outside? In the fresh air and not losing your mind in case anything like juice or tea gets spilled. Inspired by Pottery Barn Chunky X brace legs dining table! You can download the complete digital plans here. Start by cutting the lap joints and assembling the legs. The tricky part arrives while working around the Herringbone pattern. cherishedbliss

It’s good to have a beautiful backyard, dining area, picninc place for kids where you can spend a quality time with your friends & family. Check out these DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas for decks, backyard, fence, and balcony with simple materials like metal and wood to create.

88. Mid-century Inspired Plant Hanger

Check out this super perfect mid-century inspired plant hanger! It will bring a lot of minimalistic character to the room! You will need a few woodworking supplies, including screws, hardwood, rope, stain, ropes, jigsaw, and a sanding pad. This mid-century plant hanger is in the shape of a teardrop. biggerthanthethree

89. Mini Floating Nightstand

If you don’t prefer your bedroom to be cluttered or if you have limited space available, still one needs a bedside table or something of the sort! Get that done with a mini DIY floating nightstand. This one has a perfect slot for your phone too! Made using pine boards 1×8 and 5/4×6, miter box, sandpaper, screws, and a few other supplies. themerrythought

90. Wooden Utensil Organizer

If you have a small kitchen or if you are an organizer and aesthetic freak, you will love this wooden utensil holder DIY woodworking plan. Start by getting a vintage wood box 7 1/2″ x 12″, wooden dowel, pieces of wood to work as dividers, paint, paintbrush, copper pipe brackets, screws, L brackets, and shelf liner. abeautifulmess

91. Hairpin Wood Make-up Vanity

If you like a clean and clutter-free decor for your room, or in case if you are sharing a dorm, you are going to fall heads over heels in love with this DIY makeup vanity. It could be a vanity table when you want it with a top lift lid and a laptop table when you want it that way! You are going to use (2) 1 x 18 x 48″ and (2)1 x 4 x 96″ and some other supplies. pneumaticaddict

92. Profitable Filing Chest

Upgrade your filing system with this darling and super handy DIY filing chest! Build Basic features here a perfect and flawless four feet space with dividers and other options to store your files with an uber-organized manner. This beauty is only going to cost you $70 and take only 4 hours of your time. build basic

93. DIY Wooden Crate Side Table

How would you like to build yourself a wooden crate table that has a maximized storage option! On top of it and in the crate as well. This DIY crate side table offers additional decoration and storage options. You will need a wooden crate with 2 3/4-by-48-inch wooden dowel rods. Screws, wood stain, and a few more tool supplies. ehow

94. Balsa Wood Planters

If you are looking for the perfect gifts, perhaps for your mom or grandma’s, these Balsa wood planters are going to be a major hit! Balsa wood weighs almost nothing and has so many crafty options. You will require Balsa wood, craft paint, hot glue gun, foil tape, soil, and succulents. brepurposed

95. Make Pet Steps On a Budget

If you have pets, you must be familiar with their urge to go up things and then sit to get the full view. In the budget, make your dogs and cats with these super easy to assemble pet steps. You will simply need plywood sides and simple 1×2 cleats to hold pieces in place. Get full details in the tutorial. build basic

96. Wooden Beer Tote

Planning to bring something memorable and more appealing over to your friend’s for the house warming party? Check out this superb DIY wooden beer tote. You can pull this one off by using 1/2″ x 6″ x 48″ of Oak Hobby Board, 1/4″ x 2″ x 48″ of Oak Hobby Board, 1″ x 3″ x 12″ of Oak Board, Wall Mounted Bottle Opener and Galvanized Handle (3/4″ width). rogueengineer

97. Thanksgiving Pallet Art

With Thanksgiving around the corner, this Thanksgiving pallet art can bring some true Thanksgiving sensations to your home! And especially if you are hosting the Thanksgiving meal, this pallet art is super easy to make! The tutorial features 21″ x 21″ of the canvas. Next, create your art by using a large graphic featuring the quote. Walkthrough the next steps here. pitterandglink

98. Turn Wooden Pallet Into Herb Rack

This one here is an exciting and quite serving DIY pallet herb garden! Repurpose an old pallet into your new and classy herb garden. The few supplies you are going to need for this one include pallet saw, nails, and newspaper. All it’s going to take is 8 simple steps to complete outdoor gardening! maikinmokomin

99. Painted Stick Basket

How about a stately center piece with painted sticks into a perfect flower basket? You are merely going to need (1) ½ inch Square Dowel, at least 4 feet, (20) Paint Stir Sticks, and 3/8 inch Staples Wood Glue. build basic

100. DIY Shipping Pallet Dog Bed

There are a lot of dog bed options available in the market, but the moment you the price tag on those things, it all changes! Check out these perfectly homey and cozy pallet dog beds for your furry friends. You will need scotch blue painter’s tape, shipping pallets, ½ inch plywood sheets, and basic woodworking tools. savedbylove

101. Wooden Laundry Basket

Laundry room upgrade alert! Have a look at this quite spacious and, storage maximized laundry basket! Another great woodworking projects for you, because well, every house needs a laundry basket. Here lies your opportunity to make and sell this. Plus, it is quite simple to make. Get the full building guide here. nur noch

102. Wooden Stump Side Table

Wooden stump side tables are quite budget-friendly, and they can add character to any room they are placed in. Pro-tip; get a good electric sander for successfully sanding the stump. Fill the holes in the stump with wood filler! The best part with this one is the added wheels, which make it quite easier rolling the stump side table quite anywhere in the house. oheverythinghandmade

103. Upcycled Bed to Bench

Time to upcycle an old bed into your new bench! You can get this headboard and footboard from any thrift store. Combine these two and make the backrest of the bench! Carefully balance and then add the armrests. After all of that, fit the flat piece of wood board in the slats to make the seat. dreamalittlebigger

104. Modern DIY Console Table

With some simple lap construction and layering down several boards, this paint grade table looks like an exquisite piece of craft. It is darn, sturdy, easy to assemble. Its details like slim depth make it quite perfect for any hallway or entryway! Made using (2) 1x12x6 Boards for the table’s sides (1) 1x12x8 Board for table’s top, and (4) 1x2x6 Boards to pad the thickness of the sides and top. build basic

105. School Supply Organizer – Teacher Gift Idea

Check out this perfectly handy and easy to manage school supply organizer. Made from cut pieces of 1*4 pine and with an “X” form to cut the divider. Sand the edges to avoid any splinter and stain the box. Use plain mason jars to put in things and put them in the boxes like a pro. thekimsixfix

106. Wooden Drink Tray to Sell

Build Basic is back with excellent and small woodworking projects that sell! Who wouldn’t love this vintage and rustic wooden tray to serve in? It is going to cost you around $20. The time required for making this is only going to be like 2 hours! You’ll require (1) 1 x 3 x 6 to make the tray sides, (3) ½ x ½ x 3′ to make the cleats and handles and (1) ¼ inch Plywood. build basic

107. Headboard from Front Door

Check out this stunning blue beauty living in the bedroom! If you are inspired much, you can have the same beautiful headboard for your bedroom made from an old door. You are going to need (2) 2×4’s cut according to your required length. Electric sander, drill, some towels, paint, brushes, screws, and a doorknob if you would like to add. mysocaldlife

108. Build a Farmhouse Wall Cabinet

If you have been hunting for unique and meaningful furniture pieces for your home, you are going to fall in love with this farmhouse wall cabinet. This pretty design is inspired by the early American jelly cupboards and shaker cabinets. Cherish, the lovely countryside feels of this piece. apieceofrainbow

109. Pallet Shelf for Your Rustic Home

Bring a rustic pallet shelf into your home decor and spruce things up to a whole new level. This one is quite simple, you will need a pallet, pencil, saw, nail gun or hammer and nails, sandpaper, drill, and screws. Get the full building guide here. diycandy

110. Pallet Table

Pallet tables are taking over the market now with quite this excessive pallet spree! You can totally avail and cash this opportunity with this small woodworking projects for the outdoor pallet table. Pro-tip; after painting and staining, wax the whole thing to give it a more polished look. Work around 1 pallet and 4*4 legs. inspirationsbyd

111. Profitable Giraffe Nursery Art

Check out this darn appealing giraffe nursery art! It could be a perfect, cozy, and lively view over your little one’s crib. It is basically large strips of wood connected with each other and hung from the wall. With these long and bold colors, giraffe necks painted on each. This is mounted about ½ inches from the wall. makeit loveit

112. Wooden Desk for Under $80

If you have a thing for perfect around the wooden desk for setting up your decor with your working space and a flat table surface, all along! This DIY desk from our free woodworking projects is everything you ever dreamt of! The basic key point in this one is to nail the 2*4’s together. Walk through the comprehensive building plan here. welivedhappilyever

113. Alphabet Wine Charms

If you are setting up a party, these Alphabet wine charms can be a great tiny little gesture for your guests to take home with them! Plus, it is super simple to make and will add such an impact. You are merely going to require 1” wood circles, wire wine clasps, Drill and drill bit, hot stamps alphabet set, plier, scrap wood, or cutting board with a few other supplies. kraftykath

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114. How to Build Cedar Window Boxes

Bring the magic of cedar to these cedar window boxes! You will require some cedar lumber (1 inch wide and 7 inch high), screws, brackets, and plastic planters. Make your windows way breezier, refreshing, and pleasant by adding some blooming and colorful plants before them. gina michele

115. DIY Wooden Log Lounger

Now, this one here is a real-time beauty that can literally spruce up your decor game to a whole new level without any doubts! This log lounger can transform your yard waste into this super sturdy outdoor lounger. You will need some logs 3-6” in diameter, lag screws, brackets, and deck screws. homemade modern

116. King Slat Bed for $150

If you are planning to revamp your bedroom with a new bed too! Check out this Slat bed in king size. Made with 4”*4” cedar and get the other measurement and timber details here. For fasteners, you require 8 Corner brackets, 60 ⅝” wood screws, about 50 2″ #8 wood screws, 12 3″ #10 wood screws and Wood glue (e.g., Liquid Nails) kiwiandpeach

117. Make Love Coasters to Sell

If you are not into huge and complex woodworking projects, check out these super cute and sensational love coasters that you can easily make and sell. Made on sliced wood birches with chalkboard paint and white paint, they make a great look and can warm anyone’s heart. whilewearingheels

118. Pallet Jewelry Display

Keeping up your jewelry all boxed is sure an option, but have you ever seen a reclaimed wood pallet jewelry board? Hang up all of your jewelry with style and choose the matching ones at your ease! All you are going to need is Wooden Palette, Sandpaper/Sanding block, Brass cup hooks, Yardstick or ruler, Level, Electric drill, and Drill Bits. oheverythinghandmade

119. Etched Wooden Spoons Gift

Warm someone’s house with this great housewarming gift! Etched wooden spoons are a great gesture and love-filled gift for a housewarming party. These are quite fun and easy to make. There are many designs to play around with like dots, plaids, and hatch arrows. Get the complete DIY guide here with tips and tricks. designmom

120. Sunglasses Holder for Storage

For your sunglasses collection, make this super cool sunglasses holder! And at the same time, display your funky and classy collection. You are going to need 1/2″ Birch plywood 2, wood screws per shelflow and medium-grit sandpaper (~80 & ~220) , wood with butter large Command Strips. ctrlcurate

121. How to Build Wooden Lanterns

Oh, the beauty of lanterns! We all have been thrown back again in the immense love for lanterns after watching tangled! How would you like to have a lantern with you all the time? Build this sensational wooden lantern for your home with different sizes and piece of wood, assembling them is the tricky party only! Get details here. charlestoncrafted

122. DIY Baby Doll Stroller

We are sure we all have been through that age where putting your dolls or other toys in the stroller meant the world! From our beginner woodworking projects, Check out this DIY baby doll stroller for your little one to keep rolling around!You will need wooden boards that are 3/4″ thick and 1.5″ wide, small caster wheel set with 2 that swivel and 2 fixed, paint, fabric for sling part of stroller and straight pins, sewing machine. abeautifulmess

123. Wooden Wall Shelves

Make these minimalistic and simple wooden wall shelves for your home to bring a touch of some appealing decor. These floating wooden shelves are darn easy to make. All you are going to need is a 2x6x8 pine board, tape measure, table saw, miter box or circular saw, nails and nail gun, sandpaper, 4-inch corner brace, and 2-inch drywall screws. themerrythought

124. Plywood Planter With Hairpin Legs

Time to take the planter game to a whole new level with this DIY plywood planter and chic hairpin legs! Surely a classic of its own kind. The materials are quite simple! You will need ¾” birch plywood, pocket hole screws, wood glue, Home Depot, 12” plastic drainage saucer, and hairpin legs. bybrittanygoldwyn

125. Chic DIY Tech Cover

If you have kids around the house, or pets just keeping your iPad or iPhone in the bag cover is undoubtedly not enough! You have got to be more sure about its sturdy cover. Build this chic wood cover for your tech! This one is darn easy to make with balsa wood, pencil, xacto blade, ruler, super glue, paint, and washi tape. westelm

126. Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Need more small woodworking projects? Get your hands on a rustic wood panel, some mason jars, white vinyl, transfer tape, craft cutting machine, weeding tools, scraper, screwdriver, drill, and screws. Maximize your bathroom storage by adding both style and functionality with this DIY mason jar bathroom organizer. Get the full step by step guide here. craftsbyamanda

127. DIY Wooden Plant Stand

Check out this super beautiful DIY wooden plant stand made with plywood! The style and design of this planter are not just unique but rich in style too. You will require tape measure, pencil, band saw or jigsaw and sandpaper for pulling off these easy to make woodworking projects! Start by cutting out the circle after carefully measuring and marking the size. themerrythought

128. Wooden Wall Hanging to Sell

Yet another modish wonder of wood! This super stylish DIY wall hanging is going to cost you hardly $20 and can be a great build and sell wall hanging idea for you. You will need 12 inch round wood, 12-inch wood square, a straightedge to work on, chalk or pencil, sandpaper, copper wire, 2 table clamps, and a few more supplies. papernstitchblog

129. Paper Tray Organizer

If you have a pile of mail all tangled up, creating a mess in your kitchen table or entryway console table, it’s time to declutter that pile! Check out this super handy and modern paper tray organizer! It is easily made using a 1-inch-by-10-inch-by-4-foot select pine board with a 1-inch-by-2-inch-by-4-foot select pine board. Finished with white acrylic paint, by using a thin inch detail paintbrush and a 2-inch foam paintbrush. hunker

130. How to Make Clothing Rack

If you have been inspired by the fancy clothes rack in movies, let us break this to you! That you can make yourself just the one as perfect and flawless all by DIYing. You are merely going to need these basic materials; Two 1″x4″x8′ common board, one 1″x4″x6′ common board, 1″ dowel, Miter saw, Drill and Screws. themerrythought

131. DIY Wooden Circle Shelves

Inspired by the design at Urban Shelves, these DIY wooden circle shelves are a perfect decor game upgrade to display your tiny trinkets! You will require about 3 wood clock surfaces and a jigsaw, a drill, some screws, sandpaper, a pencil, and a ruler. By using the ruler, measure the half and cut one of the circles into half. whydontyoumakeme

132. DIY Wooden Bathtub Caddy

Take off all the stress from a long day at work with this perfect bathtub caddy! The tutorial features a spalted maple wood caddy, cut into desired size and shape using a table saw, power planer, miter saw, jigsaw, nail gun and nails, and waterproof finish. You will start off by cutting the two stirpes of wood. themerrythought

133. Geometric Wooden Clock

The Crafty Gentleman is all set to share with us a super chic and stylish geometric wooden clock! If you are even a little into woodworking projects, you are going to love the details of this one. It is perfect for beginners Woodworking as well! You will need to work around one piece of plywood with electric drill, sandpaper, ruler, pencil, spray paint, and clock mechanism. thecraftygentleman

134. Framed Wood Sign to Sell

Adding up framed wooden signs has recently been on the rise! This could be a great marketing opportunity for you to earn from your woodworking projects. Set up some cool wooden signs, make and sell as per the requirements of customers and make easy and crafty money! Hop in with your Cricut Explorer. purelykatie

135. Device Charging Station

It is undoubtedly a messy view when so many tangled wires are hanging upside down the bed, and the side table and the phones are charging. Remedy that, shall we? Check out this super chic and easy to make device charging station from small woodworking projects. With ample space available for charging your smart phones. And a magical door to the world of cords! tidbits cami

136. Faux Stained Wood Instagram Frame

There have been countless Instagram gallery wall and frame ideas roaming around the realms of DIY. Fun 365 oriental trading has got this darn appealing DIY faux stained wood Instagram frame that you can make and add the Instagram appeal to your pictures! You can pull off this magic by working around an unfinished wood square plaque. fun365 orientaltrading

137. Modern Hanging Spice Rack

If you love cooking or even if you don’t, after putting up this modern wooden spice rack, you are sure going to start loving it! Build this functional and super chic spice rack by working around 1 x sheet of hardwood plywood and 1 X hardboard sheet, with Dowel rod, nails, IKEA Grundtal bar, and a few other supplies. grillo designs

138. Chopping Board Rest & Note Pad

By just sparing 30 minutes of your day., make this super appealing DIY gift for your friends! This chopping board rest and notepad can be quite helpful in the kitchen while jotting down a recipe or a catchy decor item too! It’s quite easy, start off by getting 2 chopping boards to block painting the bottom or top for the either pieces! Check full details here. thethingsshemakes

139. Bathroom Organizer With Mirror

Maximize your bathroom storage space by working around some wood and mirror! This, here is a modern DIY bathroom organizer. Make this modern bathroom caddy using scrap wood 21.5 x 12), simple wood tray (10 x 5), a circular mirror (9 inches), 1/2 – 3/4-inch leather strips, heavy-duty glue (like super glue or Gorilla Glue, etc.) papernstitch

140. Adorable DIY Wooden Sign

By playing around the FolkArt Ultra Dye, this adorable DIY wooden sign can be a beautiful addition in your guy’s shared room! You will need a ¾” plywood or craft wood, 1×2’s for framing the sign. Blue Bayou Folk Art Ultra Dye, with some paintbrushes, Folk Art Alphabet stencils, and Folk Art Home decor Chalk Paint. cherishedbliss

141. Make a Modern Picnic Box

Picnic baskets have been ruling our hearts since a very long time! Check out this superb and modern picnic box, which sure is way sturdier than a picnic basket. You will need a 60cm wooden dowel, 5 cm screws, dock washers, paint brushes, acrylic paint, painter’s tape, wood box, 1 copper T-fitting, and a hot glue gun. crafts tutsplus

142. Toilet Paper Stand

Need small woodworking projects for bathroom? Build a sturdy and handy toilet paper stand so you never have to scream for it while you are already in the bathroom! Work around with one piece of 1″x6″x6′ common board, one 10″ piece of 7/8″ wooden dowel, a pencil, tape measure, 7/8″ Forstner bit and screws! Use sandpaper if your piece of the common board has rough edges. themerrythought

143. DIY Acrylic Message Board

Add a fun board inside your living room, your studio, or home office to keep you motivated and the creative juices flowing. This DIY acrylic message board is super simple to make with; 12″ x 12″ precut piece of wood from Michael’s, two 18″ x 24″ acrylic sheets. Two lengths of 1/4″ x 3/8″ x 2′ balsa wood, two lengths of 1/4″ x 1/4″ x 2′ balsa wood and 3.25″ vinyl alpha and number stickers. abeautifulmess

144. Minimal Wall Clock

Check out this minimal wall clock! It is bringing so much character to the room that we are totally drooling over these sensational woodworking projects! This DIY minimal clock is made on a round wooden chopping board, using a black leather strap for hanging it over the wall. Leather punch and clock mechanism. thelovelydrawer

145. Football Toss Outdoor Game

Make the outdoor time even more fun and games with DIY football toss! While parents can chill around on a warm and pleasant day, your kids can have a fun time playing with their football. Fun and challenging, positively! You will need about (3) pieces of 5/8″ x 5 1/2″ x 6′ Cedar Flat-Top Fence Picket, (4) 5/8″ x 3 1/2″ x 6′ Cedar Flat-Top Fence Picket, 1″ Wood Screws, and 1 Pack Narrow Utility Hinges. cherishedbliss

146. Pallet Mounted Hanging Mason Jar Vase

Hang a pallet up the wall and mount a mason jar to make this uber charming pallet mounted mason jar vase! On your front door, this will not be a perfect replacement for a wreath, but it is cheerier and lively! Put up new flowers in the mason jar vase each day! unoriginalmom

147. DIY Pallet Furniture Set

What about this beginner woodworking projects? Cool? Let’s build a piece of sturdy pallet furniture set for your outdoor furniture with Bridgman! This whole furniture set, including the table and chairs, are made of pallet wood! You will need 1 x Square Pallet 100 x 100cm and 1 x Pallet 120 x 100cm for table! 100*100 cm tempered safety glass and wood stain! Get a full guide here. bridgman

148. Wood Arrows

People have been getting craftier about their gallery walls lately, and there is nothing as charming as adding these wooden arrows to it! You can actually sell these woodworking projects, and people are going to love the character they bring along! These are super easy to make by working around some scrap wood. 100things2do

149. DIY Pallet Console Table

Console tables are the best for adding in an entryway or putting up around the dining room, Setting up beside the living room sofas! This is slim and quite functional in many places. This is quick and easy to make in just a few hours, using a block of recycled pallet wood. Finish it up with some lively colors from the Americana Decor Chalky finish. kleinworthco

150. DIY Wooden Pallet Bike Rack

Do you also hate a bicycle littered porch? Here lies a perfect solution! By leaning two wooden pallets against each other, you can easily make this bicycle stand/rack to stand bicycles in quite a tidy manner! Walk through the entire step by step guide here. instructables

151. Build a Pallet Daybed to Sell

Looking for your next big woodworking projects to get more profit? Check out this super DIY pallet sofa. Start by working around two pallets and attaching them on the inside stringers with bolts! Add up small wheels to make it easy for moving around! It is going to sell like hotcakes. Get a complete guide in the tutorial. ondawaytosomewhere

152. Playhouse Out Of Wooden Pallets

We all have these beautiful childhood memories of treehouses or camp houses outside in the fresh air and under the sunny sun! Make this super cute and inviting DIY pallet playhouse for your kids so they can have a memorable childhood to cherish! It is quite easy to make and assemble! ahappywanderer

Where to sell your woodworking projects?

We are sure you must have captured so many woodworking projects and opportunities by now that you can quickly cash to enter the market with your great woodworking plans! Make it work by either starting a blog or even an E-commerce store.


We rounded up 150 most profitable and small woodworking projects to build and sell from bigger to smaller possibilities for you! Hurry up, what are you waiting for? You might already be making some of these FREE woodworking projects, why not start making more and selling them?!

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