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Recommendations eco-inhibitors For 2023 About 15 Simple Macrame Necklace Patterns

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Macrame is a unique craft item and makes excellent macrame jewelry! These 15 simple macrame necklace patterns can uplift your fashion to a whole new level. Look different and go full swanky. Macrame knots can make some outstanding necklace full of extravaganza. If you have a thing and heart for DIYing, then some handmade and personally customized macrame necklaces can make quite a lovely gift. Macrame is not only a unique jewelry making supply, but it also is pretty easy to ace kind of art. Choose your favorite colors with every outfit and make some appealing accessories with these 15 macrame necklace patterns.

With these macrame necklace patterns, you can learn a great new way to whip up some beautiful DIY jewelry. You can make a great collection of macrame necklaces by using beads, ropes, diamonds, or other jewelry-related supplies. Every girl’s biggest dream is to look different and slay any meeting, party, or gathering.

Now, you might find quite a lot of expensive jewelry items in the stores or online. But, we bet nothing can beat the power that comes from being in charge of your own fashion statements. This roundup of simple macrame necklace patterns can be a huge delight in times when you have to do nothing better but are stuck at home! Get started.

1. Macrame Pendant Necklace

Because of your looks and personality matters! Don’t over-do it by wearing heavy jewelry when off to work or headed somewhere casually. Therefore, this macrame jewelry brings you a delicate macrame pendant necklace. All it needs are two supplies, strands, and the stone. Get detailed help from the link below. gina michele

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2. Easy Beginner Macrame Necklace

Who can say NO to handmade jewelry, right?  Want to make a macrame necklace pattern? You are exactly in the right place. DIY this easy and pretty necklace for yourself or for a gift. To whip this necklace up, you will need material like 3mm cord, 16g wire, pliers, leather cord, and clipboards. craftingonthefly

3. DIY Macrame Necklace

What if you get to know the secret of looking whimsical? Here, check out the details of crafting this macrame necklace and flaunt it like a princess. Pair it with your favorite plain shirt. Moreover, watch out the video tutorial to get a complete hold on the knotting details. liagriffith

4. Macrame Necklace Tutorial

Explore how you can spruce up this macrame necklace pattern with this super simple tutorial. With just a few supplies like hemp, glass beads, keyrings, and scissors, you can accomplish this art very simply and swiftly. Furthermore, you can also take help from the step by step instructions here inside. darice

5. Macrame Stone Necklace

Bring more ways that can enhance your elegance manifolds! This macrame stone necklace will serve you elegantly. Plus, it will give you a royal look leaving you to look like a princess. 6 threads, polyester cord, amethyst stone & beads will be required for this very project. olgasmacrame

6. How to Make a Macrame Necklace

Make your own style statement with this macrame necklace! You can make exactly the same necklace yourself that you might have been adoring at a necklace shop. Top it all by following the given details, below. To spruce up this accessory, you will need supplies like fabric dye, cotton string, and leather lace. themerrythought

7. Macrame Necklace with Diamonds and Beads

Get the hang of making this macrame necklace, just by peeking at the video tutorial! You will gain an understanding of what you need and how you are going to use it! The video will walk you through the step by step guide to make this macrame necklace with diamonds and beads on it. youtube

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8. Boho Inspired Macrame Necklace

Flaunt your personal style statement by wrapping this Boho inspired macrame necklace around your neck. This classic necklace can be your attempt to add some more swankiness to your life. Some beautiful marble stones at the top with macrame knottings behind! styleoholic

9. Macrame Owl Necklace

This small owl macrame necklace is designed in such a subtle way! It looks like some kind of abstract art from the far but a cute little embellished owl when you observe closely. It may look difficult to make, but it actually is easy to do if you separate the making of necklace and owl, separately. ecocrafta

10. How to Macrame Necklace

Being a girl means you have an unlimited love for jewelry and love to flaunt wearing it too. The process of making this macrame necklace is fairly simple and easy to comprehend. Enlist the supplies. You will need a string, scissors, shells, cords, charms, and fabric glue to nail this project. lowereastdry

11. Macrame Necklace Knots

Accomplish this macrame necklace like a pro! With this simple to understand and step by step instructions, you can whip it up in the nick of time. Start out by cutting the skeins and end up by tightening the knot around your neck. The necklace will add a charming and lavish look to your overall outlook! instructables

12. Macrame Necklace Patterns

Get help from this macrame necklace pattern and bring the best out of it. You know how charming and fashionable this necklace will make you look? For this macrame necklace, you will need cotton yarn, colorful beads, leather cording, and headpins to make this pretty accessory to rock! rebeccapropes

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13. Simple Macrame Necklace Tutorial

If you don’t want any fancy necklace then, you might love this delicate and straightforward macrame necklace tutorial. This stylish necklace will be your daily go-to accessory to your workplace or for other casual events. Gather supplies like the lobster clasp, scissors, pliers, 4mm chain, embroidery floss, and 6mm split rings to end this project. consumercrafts

14. DIY Roped Macrame Necklace

This roped macrame necklace will cover all your formal and informal functions. Although it’s a delicate necklace, yet it holds the capability of being fancy and straightforward at the same time. Collect your supplies and get started. You will need pliers, tape measure, scissors, chain, cords, jump ring, and parrot hook. collectivegen

15. Simple Macrame Necklace Patterns

Why dig your internet for easy macrame necklace patterns? When this video tutorial can walk you through the detailed step by step guide! Glamourize yourself and take a step forward in the world of fashion. Along with the video tutorial, you can also take help from the pattern given inside. youtube


Apart from being oh so charming, these macrame necklace patterns don’t use any difficult to find supplies. These are the kind of things that you might already have at home in your crafting drawers or boxes. Add in your favorite beads, diamonds, choose your dreamy knots, and get yourself a memorable experience. Happy jewelry making, folks.

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