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Recommendations eco-inhibitors For 2023 About 15 Free DIY End Grain Cutting Board Plans

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For amazing kitchen utensils, a cutting board is a big must-have for a kitchen. But, it can be much more than just being a solid cutting surface. Enhance the beauty of your kitchen by making end grain cutting board for yourself. Follow these 15 free DIY end grain cutting board plans and patterns that show how to make different designs for a cutting board to improve your kitchen appeal easily. They are the marvelous scrap wood creations to spice up your chopping game. Every time they will come to the eyes of a new kitchen visitor maybe your guests, friends, they will simply drop her/his jaws with amazement.

And you are all free to get them with any design pattern that is in your imagination. Explore these 15 end grain cutting board plans, sharing the best designs to choose from. They are just amazing suggestions, inspirations, and choices and will help you come up with a unique design pattern. The design ideas are just unlimited.

Gather the scrap wood and put the strips, slats, or square dowel pieces in the way you like the wood tones to be displayed. Clamp all your glued wood pieces having contrasting wood tons and trim them down to gain a solid wood slab. Now chop the wood slab and reassemble the pieces flipped or in changed directions gaining arresting 3D or Chaotic-style design patterns in your final cutting board.

Finish your cutting boards with rubber feet, you can select the adjustable ones too. To prevent early weather and to bring shine on the wood grains, consider treating the finally finished cutting boards with mineral oil. Take a short tour of the entire collection of these cutting board designs to get yourself inspired.

1. Make a Cutting Board

Do you feel proud when people talk about your kitchen? So, keep on feeling so by making this cutting board that features an interesting design pattern with 4 tones of wood. The best cutting boards to feature in your modern kitchen. Grab the wood featuring 4 contrasting tones of wood, wood glue, rubber feet, mineral spirits, salad bowl finish, walnut oil, beeswax, and sandpaper to make this cutting board. Details here thenavagepatch

2. End Grain Cutting Boards from Scrap Wood

You will not dare to end up the scrap wood in the dumpster once you look at this enchanting end grain cutting boards featuring an amazing design pattern. The best chaotic-style cutting board will surely enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Grab the scrap wood pieces like walnut, cherry, hickory, and padauk wood scraps to make this very interesting and adorable cutting board. Next, just finish this cutting board using mineral oil and rubber feet. Details here youtube

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3. End Grain Cutting Board Plans

Build this solid end grain cutting board at home and keep enjoying the chopping pleasure for a long, long time. Here you are to put together the scrap wood pieces having different tons of wood. Just glue them together and flatten and then cut into pieces of equal dimensions. Put those final cut pieces together featuring contrasting tones of wood, in symmetrical and unsymmetrical patterns to get amazing cutting boards with lots of amazing patterns. Give a nice wood finish to bring shine on wood grains. Details here youtube

4. Make End Grain Cutting Boards

This project gives you detailed instructions about how to plan first the design pattern of your cutting board using a computer and software. Next, you can simply achieve that design by getting the wood pieces in respective tons of wood. First, put together lengths of wood featuring contrasting tones and build a big wooden slab. Now chop this slab into equal parts that you can glue again together to get your final design. Give a mineral oil wood finish. Details here youtube

5. Making a 3D End Grain Cutting Board

Get inspired by this another great cutting board that features a 3D design pattern. The design pattern may look a little challenging to complete, but not actually, if you follow the provided tips and guides. Here you need two types of wood like light wood and dark wood to make this cutting board. First, cut strips from both types of wood should vary in thickness. Next, glue them together and make them evenly flat wood slabs. Chop them and reconnect the pieces to achieve the final design pattern. Bring amazing shine on wood grains by giving a custom wood finish. Details here instructables

6. End Grain Cutting Board Plan

The best to get out of your scrap wood, the end grain cutting board impressing with a fairly complex design pattern. This chaotic style cutting board will be a high-end decoration piece in your kitchen. Give it as a gift to win someone’s heart. This large cutting board will give you unforgettable shopping pleasure. Try this end grain cutting boards with your own decided tones of wood. Finish it up with bottom rubber feet and also with a nice wood finish. Details here youtube

7. Making a Cutting Board

This cutting board maybe something best to add to your kitchen that will impress the new kitchen visitors. This butcher block style end grain cutting board is to make with the salvaged oak and will live for years to come. Just put together the boards and make an evenly flat wood slat with a little variation in the wood tone. Chop it to refit and get a butcher block style cutting board, it will definitely grab one’s attention. Details here youtube

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8. How to Make an End Grain Cutting Board

This 3D end grain cutting board is the ultimate in terms of design pattern. It comes with a fine design pattern that binds everyone under its creative spell. You need wood in two tones, light and dark to make this end grain cutting board. While making the first slab, put together the wood strips having gradually decreased thickness toward the center. After the center, it should increase again in the same way. Chop the slab and then rejoin the chopped pieces to easily achieve this 3D cutting board pattern. Finish with mineral oil. Details here youtube

9. Building End Grain Cutting Board

You will love to stare again and again on this 3D end cutting board featuring a great 3D pattern that absorbs. Here you have to be expert in angle wood cuttings to achieve this amazing 3D cutting board pattern. A one of a kind cutting board to add to your kitchen, this will definitely get your woodworking skills praised. Don’t puzzle at how to build it, just grab the free visual guides here, sharing all the tips to make it like a pro. Details here imgur

10. Make Adjustable Feet for a Butcher Block

Let this another amazing wood design pattern amaze your senses, a fabulous butcher block cutting board to get for your kitchen. You need wood scraps having two or more different tons of wood to make it. Here you need walnut scraps, 16 wooden dowels, rubber pads, adjustable furniture glides, Devcon epoxy, and wood glue to make it. The overall design comes in a dark tonewood that features 2 equally spaced pattern lines. Details here instructables

11. How To Make Cutting Board with CNC Inla

How to make cutting board? Make end grain cutting board with custom monograms, logo, and design inlays will surely enchant you. Mainly this cutting board features 2 tones of wood, half dark and half-light. It gains more of the attention of onlookers due to CNC inlay brings a big wow factor to this cutting board. Using a custom logo or monogram inlays will be a smart way also to personalize your end grain cutting boards like a pro. One of the best DIY Cutting Board to make in your workshop using wood scraps. Details here youtube

12. Basket Weave Cutting Board

You can simply create lots of interesting cutting boards right in your workshop without getting a bit expensive. Check out here another great design that will hold your attention at a very first glance. This is here a 3D basket weave cutting board that is to make with the walnut, purpleheart, and maple wood scraps and is guaranteed to be an impressive addition to your kitchen counter. Spice up your chopping game with this outstanding cutting board. Details here homeconstructio

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13. How to Make End Grain Cutting Board

Looking for the best gift for the moms that are often to find in the kitchen? Then just make this end grain cutting board, comes with a super sweet design pattern. Just grab the hardwood in light and dark tones of wood to make this super simple but enchanting end grain cutting board. Adhere the pieces together using strong glue and give it a wood finish that will be suitable for food too. The best to get to spice up your chopping kitchen routines. Details here instructables

14. How to Make an End Grain Cutting Board

There are just unlimited wood cutting board designs out there to choose from. Duplicate this another impressive one that will bring a great design statement in your kitchen too. It will be a big visual delight to see on your kitchen countertop and will be a pleasure to make in your workshop too. Again put together the wood strips or square dowels having different tons to make a wood slab. Now chop this wood slat and reassemble achieving the targeted design pattern.

15. DIY End Grain Cutting Board

Get here the pro tips to make all those cutting boards at home that you see in the stores and shops. First, gather your wood strips to achieve the targeted design. Pack the wood strips together according to the design plan and then do the final cutting and gluing. Don’t forget to give a final finish that will bring shine on the wood grains and will also keep it safe from early weathering. The mineral oil wood finish will really rock. Details here fixthisbuildthat


After you do some cool wood projects, you gather lots of wood scraps that are often to do nothing with. If you are used to trashing your wood scraps then you will love to have them in stock after looking at these DIY end grain cutting board plans as they are all made of the scrap wood.

From 3D to chaotic style design patterns, these cutting board plans feature all arresting design patterns and will be a pleasure to cut your vegetables, fruits, and other things on. These cutting boards, you will make at home, will be the same you buy expensive from the store. Consider giving them a sweet gift to kitchen loving moms too.

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