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Recommendations eco-inhibitors For 2023 About 15 Best Bath Bombs For Kids

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Bath Bombs can bring more fun to your kid’s bath and add a wave of ultimate happiness in the daily dull days! How? Nothing can excite any kid more than the autonomy to make their own DIY bath bombs! This roundup of 15 DIY bath bombs for kids can be the best thing you might have seen on the internet today. The number of bubbles, scents, and effervescence these bath bombs for kids will bring sparkle and smiles to their eyes!  Hence, less crankiness before baths! All of these bath bombs for kid’s ideas are entirely organic without any chemical ingredients. So much for yearning for a relaxing bath but with so many chemicals posing threats to those little angels!

Making some promising kids bath bombs is really not that big of a deal! In fact, it can be one of its own kind of family activity. You can get your kids to work along with you and end up making some fun memories as well! From creative unicorn bath bombs to hidden toys inside. These bath bombs for kids can turn out to be quite the time full of fun and surprises for your little ones! Is your kid a Potter’s head? Well, whip them up one charming Harry Potter bath bomb recipe inspired by the golden snitch! Add in some donuts love or a lemonade bright bath day. Bring the charm and aromatic therapy of essential oils, fizzes, bubbles, and whatnot. Just get ready to enjoy the most thoughtful experience out of any boring bath day!

Check out our bath bombs for kids recipes for the very best in unique and handmade pieces from our bath bombs list.

1. Glitter Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb

You must have noticed the rising unicorn trend winning hearts! For the love of unicorns, DIY this unicorn bath bomb! From the guide available, you can learn how to make a glitter unicorn horn bath bomb to cheer up your kids. You will need supplies like citric acid, cornstarch, Epsom salt, coconut oil, witch hazel, and cosmetic glitter to nail this project. apumpkinand

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2. Surprise Bath Bombs with Toys Inside

Surprise your kids before sending them to bed with these toys inside bath bombs. This project is using essentials oil that can pretty much soothe down your tired kids. They are simple and easy enough to make with your kids, all the while having fun with them. Get the shopping list and instructions inside the link. Just Click! sweettmakes

3. Fizzy Scented Kids Bath Bombs

Do you know how some kids usually get cranky with the idea of taking a bath? Well, take care of that with this fizzy scented bath bomb that is bound to cheer them up with its soft fragrance. Grab supplies like baking soda, corn starch, cane sugar, citric acid, food color, essential oil, to get started! playdoughto

4. Unicorn Frappuccino Bath Bomb for Kids

Learn how to DIY this unicorn Frappuccino bath bomb with layers of funky colors!! Uplifting its beauty with tons of fragrances. You will love using it for your kids! And surely, your kids are going to enjoy it much too. Get started by collecting the supplies and watch the video tutorial to make this project at home. apumpkinand

5. Bath Bombs With A Toy Hidden Inside

Surprise and excite your kids at their bath time by making these DIY bath bombs with a toy hidden inside. This project will bring excitement and smile on those angel faces! Hit the video tutorial to see how you can easily whip up this bath bomb! Choose a family activity day, and get your kids along to make these fun promising bath times. hellocreative

6. Mermaid Bath Bombs with Coconut Oil

New with the idea of bath bombs? Here, check out how you can make your very own mermaid bath bombs using coconut oil. It can be one fun slumber night for your tweens or even adults (as we might suggest). You will need supplies, including baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, rubbing alcohol, and a few more things. buggyand

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7. Donut Bath Bombs for Kids

Who doesn’t adore donuts? We bet everyone does. And when it comes to a kid, they can even take a donut for breakfast! Check out these ultra-cute bath bombs for kids in the shape of a doughnut! The soap is used as the icing, whereas the sprinkles are for the embellishing look! apumpkinand

8. Lemonade Kids Bath Bombs

How about we interest you in some toxin-free DIY lemonade bath bomb recipes? Infused with some purely natural ingredients, these lemon bath bombs can be one excellent family activity to sit together and make a batch of these. Get the full guide here. makinglemon

9. Kid-Calming Bath Bombs Recipe

Have you been exhausted by the cranky kid’s bath times? Take care of that with this soothing and kid calming bath bomb recipe. You will see the difference that some aromatherapy can bring! Use ingredients like Baking soda, citric acid, olive oil, corn starch, lavender essential oil. Hop on to the video tutorial below to get the full guide! b inspired

10. Fish Bath Bombs for Kids

Make your own fish bath bombs for kids at home with the recipe in the link below. This is one of its own kind cutest projects to add more charm to your bath décor too! You kids are going to love taking baths with these homemade delights and will never get cranky over getting a bath, again. Consider it a guarantee! beautycrafter

11. How to Make Kids Detox Bath Bombs

The commercial bath bombs maybe all attractive, but they can also be pretty expensive! Hence why not DIY bath bombs at home. Apart from the soothing factor, this detox bath bomb can also bring a bunch of health benefits to your loved one’s lives! How so? See for yourself, right below. creativehealt

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12. Harry Potter Bath Bomb Recipe for Kids

Remember the “oh so hard” to catch gold snitch from Harry Potter? As harry potter is the hot favorite movie series for kids of all ages, so why not make a bath bomb to revive its memories. Inspired by the potions class, your ingredients matter a lot! Check here what you will be needing. steampower

13. Bath Bomb Recipe for Kids

Check out this super healthy and fun way to take a bath! That is also a very effective and natural remedy to fight colds too! Bring some fun fizzes, colors, and essential oils to an ordinary bath day. The major ingredients of a bath bomb are citric acid and baking soda! countryhill

14. DIY Bath Bombs with Sprinkles

Turn your boring bath time routine into a fun experience. For your baby girls and boys or even for yourself. Follow the instructions and make this bath bomb with sprinkles. Ingredients required are baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, sprinkle, carrier oil, essential oil, and eggs. Enjoy your bath time like never before! unskinnybop

15. Mickey Shaped Bath Bombs for Kids

With this fun project, your kids will never get stubborn over taking a bath. DIY this mickey bath bomb and entice your kids to enjoy a lovely bath experience! This recipe of bath bombs for kids requires ingredients including mickey mold, mickey candy, cornstarch, Epsom salt, witch hazel, citric acid, and baking soda. apumpkinand


Bath bombs for kids are not only bound to bring smiles, but they are also promised with many health benefits! Including detox baths, aromatherapy, and soothing lavender oil or other essentials. A sound bath is key to a happy mood. No one can deny that! With these bath bombs for kids’ recipes, you can certainly make many charming and fun additions to your kid’s lives and eventually to yours too! Happy Bathing, folks.

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