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Recommendations eco-inhibitors For 2023 About 14 Free Crochet Cat Bed Patterns

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Give the reward of your cat’s love for you by using your art of crochet. Make comfy cat beds with these free crochet cat bed patterns that are all about to work in rounds while taking a start with a magic circle. Here all you need is to work in rounds to stitch a big bowl or basket that can be deep enough to hold your cat in. Add up these beds with comfy mattresses or pillows for ultimate sitting and sleeping comfort. The only required skill is a magic circle, to hook up this 15 crochet cat bed patterns that are sweet like your cats and can be experimented with your own favorite yarn weights and colors. Depending on the weather template, you can crochet chunky to super bulky yarn weights to stitch less warm and toasty warm crochet pet beds.

You will be guided here also how to set the perfect gauge and what size of weight will work great for your decided yarn.

From using custom t-shirt yarn to super bulky jumbo weight 7 yarn, these patterns involve all to build a nice and cozy looking cat yarn bed. Make the cat yarn bed with kitty pillow and also crochet a cat bed with a kitty face front, will be loved by all the cats. Avoid your cats touching the cold floor in winters by whipping up tabby chic crochet cat bed and provide an amazing winter coziness to trembling cats with a super bulky yarn crochet cat bed pattern. Take a quick round-up of all these crochet cat beds and pick out your favorite design to duplicate at home.

Give your feline friend a special place to sleep, handcrafted with DIY cat bed tutorials show you how easy it is to make a kitty bed.

1. Super Bulky Crochet Cat Bed Pattern

Make this crochet cat bed using the cotton jersey knit fabric, crochet 4 yards of it in white and 2 yards in red, and choose the 60” wide fabric. Scrap piece of yarn, 2-3” long. Finish with a cushion or pillow to get a comfy cat bed. Here you need K crochet hook and large plastic crochet hook 15.75mm for this project. redhandledsci

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2. Free Crochet Cat Bed Pattern

Crochet the super big chunky yarn with a 30mm hook to whip up this cat bed. Start crocheting this comfy cat bed by making a magic circle and then keep working in rounds to hook up this cat bed. Finis this adorable yarn cat bed with a carpet or pillow. Details here loganberryhand

3. Tabby Chic Crochet Cat Bed

This is here an easy cat bed pattern that is 17” tall and 5” wide. Work with the S-hook (19mm) and crochet 140 yds of Loops & Threads Chunky #6 bulky weight yarn to whip up this tabby chic crochet cat bed. The gauge details are as 4 rounds measure the 7”. littlemonkeyscr

4. Comfy Crochet Cat Bed Pattern

Crochet the Lion Brand Hometown Chunky yarn to crochet this comfy DIY cat bed. To crochet this bulky yarn weight, you need to work with a 10.0mm hook and just work in rounds to stitch this yarn cat bed. Crochet it with an open front that will make a lovely entrance for the cat. Details here ravelry

5. Homemade Crocheted Cat Bed

This comfy cat bed will rock for the fall season as it features a neutral hue. Crochet 1.5 balls of bulky yarn and 30 yards of secondary color with the same weight to whip up this easy to make cat bed. Use a 6mm hook to stitch this crochet cat bed, will work up super quickly. Details here dabblesandbab

6. How to Make A Cat Bed – Free Pattern

Look at this crochet bed that has been adjusted on height and comes on a pole. This will make a perfect homemade cat tree with bed. Crochet 9 skeins of Loops & Threads in Chunky Heather Gray to stitch this bed. Crochet 240yds of this crochet yarn with a 15.75mm hook to stitch this kitten bed. themerrythought

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7. Fluffy Dreams Cat Bed Crochet Pattern

Grab the 400g  of bulky or super bulky yarn and start stitching it with an 8mm crochet hook and get this fluffy dreams kitty bed made. Fill it up with synthetic polyester stuffing. Finish off this cat bed with a comfy pillow or a piece of the mattress for cozy winter comfort. Details here dolls yarns

8. Bernat Kitten Ears Pet Bed Pattern

You will love this cute design of this Bernat Kitten Ears pet bed design that appears in a charming green shade of yarn. The front comes with googly cat eyes and also with black yarn whiskers and plastic nose. Crochet Bernat Pet Blanket Yarn to crochet this special pet bed. Details here yarnspirations

9. Crochet Cat Bed with Bernat Blanket Big Yarn

Crochet jumbo weight Bernat Blanket Bulky yarn to stitch this cat bed. Grab this weight 7 yarn in moss green color and crochet with 25mm hook to sew this cat bed, will impress at a very first look. Use the 100% polyester stuffing for this crochet cat bed pattern. Details here redhandledsci

10. Crochet Curl-Up Kitty Cat Bed Pattern

A graceful Lion Brand project that every beginner can do with great ease. This time crochet the Lion Brand yarn while working in rounds to make this curl-up kitty cat bed. Work in rounds while starting with a 6mm hook to stitch this kitty cat bed, will make a sweet handmade gift to a pet lover. Details here lionbrand

11. Easy To Make Cat Bed Tutorial

Crochet the jumbo 7 weight bulky yarn in the desired color, with a 25mm or 30mm hook, and build this graceful cat bed. It will bring tons of coziness to your cat and is just quite adorable to look at. Time to spice up the pet keeping game with your art of crocheting. Details here youtube

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12. DIY Cat Bed House Bag

This is something sweet and simple and will make a sweet handmade gift for a cat owner. The idea is just to crochet a big bowl and then to raise it sides more to build this cat bed house bag. It will be a comfy and cozy cave for your cat. Insert a mat and a pillow inside to bring lots of comfort to it. youtube

13. Free Crochet Cat Cave_Bed Pattern

The dual color appeal of this chunky crochet cat cave will impress every onlooker. Stitch 2 balls of T-yarn in Maroon and Mottled Grey with a 12mm hook to stitch this cozy cat cave. Achieve this crochet cat bed pattern by working in special stitch like crab stitch, foundationless double crochet, and extended double crochet. Details here yourfamily

14. Free Crochet Kitty Bed Pattern

Stitch the Red Heart Super Saver yarn with a 6.5mm hook to whip up this kitty bed, which will bring tons of winter comfort your innocent trembling cat. It will be a place your cat will call its own. Here you need 1575 yards of this yarn to whip up this kitty bed, the best to crochet for pet care. ravelry


Have you planned something cozy and comfy for your cats to rest them upon when they are tired? If you love crocheting, then consider stitching these crochet cat bed patterns, it will be a big love of your cats. Simply crochet the bigger bowls and baskets out of your favorite yarn weights, and next cushion them up to serve as a cat bed. Take this crochet cat bed to the next level and crochet lovely cat bed houses too at home will be lovely cozy castles for your cats.

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