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Recommendations eco-inhibitors For 2023 About 14 Best DIY Cat Shelves To Build for Your Feline Friend

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Is your cat always bugging you? They never let you work or sit in peace for even a moment! It can get annoying sometimes! Why not make these fantastic DIY cat shelves for them? Invest some time in these DIY cat shelves to save a lot of time for yourself later! Cats love to jump around and break those precious vases! Why not divert their attention to something else? Don’t you want them to finally leave all of those candles on your vanity, alone? These cat wall shelves are the solution! The best part is that they will have more fun around the house when you have these DIY cat wall playground in place.

Our cats should have a little more fun than just sitting around the house doing nothing! You will do yourself and your cat a favor but making these! This article will cover almost all types of cat shelves you would ever need From homemade cat shelves to IKEA cat shelf hacks! From cat shelves that can literally fit in your window sill to wooden DIY cat shelves! Make these 14 DIY cat shelves to add some fun things for your cat to do around the house and keep them happy!

1. DIY Climbing Wall for Cats

Gives your cats a lot of climbing and scratching fun onto the wall. So makes these DIY cat shelves for them. These cat wall shelves are very wide and sturdy to endure the weight of a fully grown cat. So what you need is screws, plugs, MDF plates, primer, sisal rope, planks, fabric & foam, and shelf carrier to get started. vivianneyiwei

2. How to Make Cat Shelves

As cats really love climbing higher places! So what about making them some shelves to fulfill their wishes? Check out the details to get details on how you can build one for your cat’s fun. This is an excellent project for you and your cats as well. Enlist the tools that you will be needing and get started! catladyconfi

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3. IKEA Cat Shelves Hack

If you have cats in your life, you must be acknowledged with the fact that they are like babies. So why not give them some playing area in the form of these cat shelves hacks? DIY Cat shelves will be an excellent spot for your furry babies to climb on to and play. And when they get tired, they can also sleep there. So go ahead and let your cats know how much you love them! tatianasdel

4. Homemade Cat Shelves

No need to buy expensive cat accessories! You can totally build these DIY cat shelves at home. It is entirely a creative and stylish way of adding more fun for your indoor cats. Choose any corner of your home where your cat spends more time and put these on the wall. whitburnwh

5. How to Set Up Cat Shelves

Cats are, no doubt, an excellent pal of human beings. They love to spend time with people and stay the majority of the time around you! So what better surprise for our cats than setting up some fun cat shelves? Check out the list of supplies and tools you will be needing to build this project and get started! wikihow

6. Wooden Cat Shelves

Your cats can get hyperactive and hence end up climbing everywhere else, and on almost any space, they find amusing! What if you make them a proper space to play, climb, and sleep there? Your cats are going to endear these cat shelves the most. To accomplish this project, you will need just a few supplies and tools and the instructions in the link below. plasteranddis

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7. DIY Cat Wall Shelves for Your Cats

Do it yourself when you can such easily! Build these DIY cat shelves for your cats when you want them to at least a little civilized while playing around! You can also include some toys on this shelf idea to entice them. Hit the tutorial for the complete step by step guide. simplestylings

8. How to Build Cat Shelves

Have fun and smile, seeing your cats jumping, hopping, and climbing. If your cats are happy, you will be happy too. Plus, cats have an instinct of jumping, so keep that intact! These shelves are amazingly designed, plus they will adorn your walls also without making them look like a mess. imgur

9. Cat Shelf That Fits over a Windowsill

Check out how to build a cat shelf that fits over a windowsill. Also, it would be a great idea if you want your cat to have his own home and a safe chilling or purring point. This project is super simple to build. It will certainly carry your kitty’s weight and keep him out of mischief. wikihow

10. Building Cat Wall Shelves

Sometimes it gets too tricky raising a cat! They want to be like everywhere. Here engage them in this fun activity where all they want to do is climb up and down from the shelves. Build these wall shelves for your cats and let them have some other instinctive quest instead! youtube

11. How to Build a Wall-mounted Cat Tree

Let your furry friends climb up and around freely! Grab supplies like scissors, Stanley knife, marker, glue, ruler, screws, screwdriver, and drilling machine, and you are all set to make this mounted cat tree project. Once you accomplish this project, you will see how great it will look. youtube

12. DIY Cat Ledge

Check out this fun tutorial on how to make the cat ledge. DIY it all by yourself because you can do it without anyone’s assistance. Let your indoor cats feel closer to their true self! Making these cat ledges will be like a piece of cake as they won’t require much of your time and effort. youtube

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13. Building Martha Stewart’s Cat Window Perch

Look at this all easy and fun project for you to make! While being all exciting and playful project for your kitties. It will be attached to the window so that your cat can have a full view out. Get details from the link below! Also, it will become their favorite sit-in place. youtube

14. Homemade Cat Shelvess

These homemade cat shelves are super easy to build at home. Besides, the tools and materials you need are quite easily accessible! It is totally a beginner’s level project because of its simple design and style. With this DIY cat shelf, you won’t have to go through the effort of finding your cat in boxes and other stuff. youtube

Stylish home decor isn’t just for people. Why not make your favorite feline friend some DIY cat tree he or she will love?

These ultimate DIY Cat Wheel Plans and Ideas are perfect exercising equipment for the indoor cats that can’t be active outdoors due to some reasons.


Tired of your cat being stubborn? Add some spice to their lives by making these easy to build DIY cat shelves! This will help you out and your cat out. So what are you waiting for? Plan on which DIY cat shelves you want to make and where you want to fix it in your house! It is essential to find a place first. After that, gather the supplies and get ready by playing some rock music!

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