Product 3

Green Anti-agglomerants

Several unpatented non-quat Green Anti-Agglomerants (AAs) products have been developed, some with 20 – 60 % biodegradation, some with > 60 % biodegradation by OECD306 in 28 days. They also have bioaccumulation logPow of less than 3 giving some of them a Yellow 1 category environmental rating in Norway. The products can be supplied neat or in alcohol or other solvents. The products have performed well in rocker rigs and in pilot wheels at 12 – 15 ºC sub-cooling in condensate systems. Some products perform best in fresh water some in saline water. A biodegradable green synergist added can also be used with some products to improve the performance. At 33 % water cut, a dosage of 0.5 weight-% active AA based on the water phase is sufficient for good AA performance. Water cuts of up to 50 % have been handled successfully with a higher dosage. No severe foaming or emulsion problems have been encountered related to the application of these AAs. Commercial manufacturing has been investigated and methods have been worked out for pilot scale and large scale (multi-ton) production. The starting materials for these products are available in large quantities.