Product 2

Powerful performance enhancing synergist for KHI polymers (under WO2013053766)

This non-polymeric product can replace up to 90 % of some commercial polymers (e.g. VCap-based polymers) in a formulation, lowering the treatment cost per barrel of water without loss of performance. Alternatively, the synergist will act to increase the subcooling window beyond that of the polymer alone, opening up new field applications. It can be made in almost quantitative yield in a 1-pot process from raw materials readily available in large quantities in Europe, Asia and/or the US. The synthesis uses a solvent that can be recycled, and one inorganic bi-product is produced that could be used in drilling or completion applications. The product has low biodegradability but is completely water-soluble up to 100 ºC in freshwater or 3 % brine. It is expected to be low in toxicity based on comparisons to known related products.