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Gas hydrates are ice-like clathrate solids that are formed from water and small hydrocarbons at elevated pressure and at lower temperatures. The temperature below which hydrates can form increases with increasing pressure and can be as high as 25°C – 30°C Gas hydrates are most commonly encountered in subsea or cold climate wet gas or multiphase (oil-water-gas) pipelines, where they can block the flow of fluids, but hydrates can also be formed during drilling, completion, and work over operations as well as in gas processing facilities, gas and water injection lines, and aqueous chemical injection in gas lift lines if the pressure-temperature conditions are right.

To prevent hydrate formation is a key issue within the oil and gas industry as formation of hydrates can lead to huge technical and operational problems and consequently have significant negative economic impact for the operations.

There are several methods available for the preventing hydrate formation. Chemical treatment is the most common method. Eco Inhibitors product come under this category – and more precisely under the sub category of Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitors (LDHIs). The use of LDHIs is now generally getting gradually more accepted in the industry. The application of LDHIs can give substantial capital and operational cost savings compared with the use of the, so far, more common Thermodynamic Hydrate Inhibitors (THIs) or other alternative hydrate control strategies.

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True biodegradable green KHIs (under Norwegian patent 327578, 2009)

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Powerful performance enhancing synergist for KHI polymers (under WO2013053766)

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Green Anti-agglomerants

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Amine Oxide LDHIs

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